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  1. Edited the original post with a new updated FTS. Not really to much new with the tank right now. My anemone did split while I was away visiting some family a couple weekends ago. Cant be certain but I think a swing in salinity may have caused it. Top off ran low while away which have cause enough of increase in salinity for it to split. all other parameters were in check when tested. Both halves appear to be happy and healthy. Placed an order with Cultivated Reef for their year end sale. Very anxiously awaiting its awaiting its arrival! Customer service has been top notch and I cant wait to see the quality of the pieces they sell. Very everything I've seen in reviews, they wont disappoint. Will definitely update after I get everything settled in. Here's another picture just for fun
  2. Hey Nano Reefers! Been awhile since I've been on here and I thought I'd start a thread to share my new setup and progress as I go. Quick back story...I recently moved and prior to moving I was fortunate enough to be able to setup a whole new tank to transfer what was left from a 20long setup I had. So here it is. Been setup a couple months now. I love the footprint of these tanks, wasn't a hard decision at all when it came to choosing a tank. Enjoy! Equipment: Tank: IM Lagoon 25 Stand: Homemade Light: Radion xr15w pro gen3 Powerhead: sicce 925gph & Koralia 240 ATO: Hydor Smart Level Misc.: Custom Caddy w/filter floss and Chemipure Blue Livestock Paired Black Clownfish Banggai Cardinalfish Clean up crew Few Zoa's GPS Feather Duster Leather Red Monti Cap RBTA x2 FTS 12/18/16 Initial Setup