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  1. Adams IM Lagoon 25

    Edited the original post with a new updated FTS. Not really to much new with the tank right now. My anemone did split while I was away visiting some family a couple weekends ago. Cant be certain but I think a swing in salinity may have caused it. Top off ran low while away which have cause enough of increase in salinity for it to split. all other parameters were in check when tested. Both halves appear to be happy and healthy. Placed an order with Cultivated Reef for their year end sale. Very anxiously awaiting its awaiting its arrival! Customer service has been top notch and I cant wait to see the quality of the pieces they sell. Very everything I've seen in reviews, they wont disappoint. Will definitely update after I get everything settled in. Here's another picture just for fun
  2. Adams IM Lagoon 25

    Hey Nano Reefers! Been awhile since I've been on here and I thought I'd start a thread to share my new setup and progress as I go. Quick back story...I recently moved and prior to moving I was fortunate enough to be able to setup a whole new tank to transfer what was left from a 20long setup I had. So here it is. Been setup a couple months now. I love the footprint of these tanks, wasn't a hard decision at all when it came to choosing a tank. Enjoy! Equipment: Tank: IM Lagoon 25 Stand: Homemade Light: Radion xr15w pro gen3 Powerhead: sicce 925gph & Koralia 240 ATO: Hydor Smart Level Misc.: Custom Caddy w/filter floss and Chemipure Blue Livestock Paired Black Clownfish Banggai Cardinalfish Clean up crew Few Zoa's GPS Feather Duster Leather Red Monti Cap RBTA x2 FTS 12/18/16 Initial Setup
  3. AP's 20L

    Its actually a different tank then the one i started with. Twp weeks into the cycle I noticed a scratch/crack on the side glass near the back corner on the tank i had removed the rim on. It didnt appear to be anything to worry about but the last thing i wanted was to come home to a living room with soaked carpet. So i went and got another tank and moved everything just to be safe. I still have the other tank and it appears that it is just scratched. I have be thinking about possibly doing some type of shallow FW planted tank with it at some point.
  4. AP's 20L

    Wow it has been forever since i did any updates on this tank. Well i got everything moved over awhile ago...about 6 months ago lol and everything has done great. Over the summer i did lose a Lobo that i pickup do to a power outage that lasted about 3 days but everything else made it. Being that i have been working out of town during the week for about the past 5 months, the tank has pretty much been on auto pilot and i currently have no fish but my invert and coral stock looks like this CUC Snails Blue Legged Hermit Emerald Crab Peppermint Shrimp Coral Antheia Zoas (Eagle Eye, Radioactive Dragoneye, Reds, Blues) Frogspawn Hammer 3 Acan frags GSP Fungia Candy Cane Purple Digitata Purple Acro Green Acro Neon Green Polyp Toadstool Rhicordea shrooms Mircomussa frag Encrusting gorgonia And a RBTA FTS's (sorry for the crappy phone pics) Zoas, Anthelia, Frogspawn, GSP, Mussa
  5. help me pick an aquascape

    My vote goes to #3
  6. Pong's 20L College Reef

    Great looking tank! Your tank Is definitely one that made me decide to go with a 20L
  7. so I got home to find out that the media bag for my chemi pure elite in my ac 70 fuge got caught in the propeller and broke open the bag which released it into the fuge. I removed the bag, filter floss, and cleaned out the fuge. Some of the carbon made it into the system and I siphoned out what I could see. It appears that some of the GFO also got into the sysem as I can see little specs on the sand. How screwed am I? Will this harm my system and inhabitants? I currently have an o. clown, cuc, sally lightfoot, and a few lps and softies. Any recommendations as to what I need to do if this is really bad? Thanks nano-reefs
  8. Is this zoanthus opened ?

    Appears to be a Favia, not zoa's. Someone will correct me if im wrong Looks pretty good to me
  9. Cheapest lighting?

    I would say a diy LED setup. I have an Aquastyles 24 over my 20L...the whole kit ran about $135 shipped. Could probably get away with two par38 bulbs (three would be ideal) if you dont want to do a diy setup. Fish need it t5 unit is decently priced however from the reviews i've read they say the bulbs that come with it arent the greatest and should be replaced with better ones when you have the opportunity.
  10. First reef Fluval Edge

    The new ones are nice with the LEDs but i dont think the will grow much other then soft corals. Fish only tank they'd be fine and probably look great as a freshwater tank seeing as that if what it is really designed as. I just finished transfering everything from my Edge to my 20L. I had the older halogen model, which i think if someone wanted to use an Edge for a reef would be a better route since you'll be modifying the lights and the older halogen models are cheaper and on sale everywhere now that the new LED models are out. I really like the rock work in yours. I had too much in mine to start as well and after I removed some of it I was much happier with how it looked. Great start!
  11. Diatom

    From what you said in your other thread it came from when u pulled your sponge filter out. Definitely not bacteria growing. Sounds more thing waste and rotting junk. Not good
  12. Time to get coral THE SECOND

    Im new at this as well but IMO I would slow down. How long have you had this tank running for? Did you go.through a cycle? Seems think you added things already but you said you still ammonia. Personally i'd wait. You removed thay sponge and said it released a brown cloud, im guessing that cant be good. But its your tank. Do research. Seems like you are unsure and asking a lot of questions. Read read read! Thats the best why to learn. Nano-reef is a great source of info and has helped me greatly and even more so after I read and had a better understanding of the basics Looks like I was already beat to it
  13. Time to get coral THE SECOND

    The same way you started this thread Thread=New Topic
  14. High Nitrates

    Temp. 98?? may wanna bring that down to 78. As for the nitrates, water changes.
  15. Pili's Custom PicoAquariums Manta

    Really like your setup. Very Nice