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  1. Aubrey's Saltyyy

    There is one single red-headed one in that cluster haha. And the colony is over twice the size now. Thanks for the ID!
  2. Coral bug?!

    There are atleast 6 of the little suckers in the picture, but the easiest one to see is about an inch from the left of the turquoise vertical stripe, in the lower half of the mushie. They are pinkish, with a creamy colored center. They seem to be lobed and look like a squished-in square. I have noticed that they mostly look to have 4 lobes, but I have seen them with more or less, leading me to think they are evil amoebas lol. Will any coral dips out there kill them? I have always dipped my corals in Coral RX and observe them in a separate tank for over two weeks, so I have no idea where they came from. This particular mushie seems the only one infected, but the ones closes to it are the same damned color as the bugthing!
  3. Aubrey's Saltyyy

    Super long time and no update! Tank is going great and I have added a few more mushies, no surprise there. But, sad news(for the tank anyway) is that my husband and I will be moving to Germany in April or May. So, Saltyyy will have to be dismantled after it's 1st birthday. FTS from the 11th. Huge ball of cheato algea lol. Newest mushie(much more lime in person)! I bought this colony not 20 minutes before my husband called with his news of moving to Germany. The first thing I said was, "BUT I JUST BOUGHT THE COOLEST GREEN MUSHIE!!!" Chase was less than amused. Another new one- this one is a weird green-pink color that just doesn't photograph well with my phone's camera. And lastly, a question. What is this little parasite(I am guessing)? The little pinkish with a whiter/cream-er center amoeba-looking thing. There are several in the picture, but the clearest one is about an inch to the left of the vertical turquoise stripe(lower part of the mushie).
  4. Aubrey's Saltyyy

    Mushies say "nom nom nom, mystis"
  5. Aubrey's Saltyyy

    I got promoted again and I just haven't had the time to do both maintenance *and* post about it haha. Thanks so much.
  6. Aubrey's Saltyyy

    Thanks so much! I just love the darned things! I am still planning on the wall, especially since I have now run out of "rock room". If I want more(which I certainly do!), I will have to go vertical.
  7. Aubrey's Saltyyy

    Saltyyy is now 5 months old! Full tank shot ]img]http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/561011_10150949599706975_1889577422_n.jpg[/img] Awful picture of the kitchen side Livingroom side One of my favorite mushies Surprise, surprise [not!], but my Kenyan tree didn't die lol. I guess the Ric just really pissed him off. However, a whole bunch of dropped branches are popping up all over tank. I have very bad Mushie fever and cannot stop buying new ones. I have 13 different ones now...with only one being a Ric. I've got stripes, bimples, roughs and two that I don't even know how to describe- I guess they are rough, but they aren't polyp-y. They're just textured weird haha.
  8. Aubrey's Saltyyy

    Kind of fell off the face of the earth, but work has been ridiculous! The tank has been on the back burner, but I can't stop myself from buying new mushies! So for right now the tank has no planned out placements of coral lol. The plan, you say? Mounting a few of the kinds of mushies on small rock pieces and then sticking them on the back wall! My planted tank brain is saying "mushies are a lot like moss...I bet you can make them scale the back wall!" So, I am thinking about using the two mushie rocks on the far left(purple with blue pimples and the one maroon with turquoise stripes) to make the wall. The others will be stuffed elsewhere. Enough talking, pictures! Ignore the hideous lemon lime colored frag platform thing...it was a free "colony" of palys HUGE rough mushies! My only zoas- any idea on what kind they are? The [eventual] back wall mushies! These guys are mint chocolate chip icecream colored in real life lol. The ugly mushies- I love them! They have such character. My favorite non-mushie! My ric has killed my Kenyan tree. I tried moving the tree, but he pretty much just fell apart. Branches everywhere. I've saved a few and we'll see if they bounce back. The ric is splitting and is trying his damnedest to get off that hideous plug. I don't blame him! Oh, have I been bit by the mushie bug...
  9. Aubrey's Saltyyy

    Slightly ugly, still cloudy post-water change picture of the livingroom side.
  10. Changing water in a pico

    I use a turkey baster on my tiny FW tanks and I plan on using one for my Edge once I get it set up. You could also use a small syringe in harder to reach places.
  11. Aubrey's Saltyyy

    Left work early and bought another green mushie, a clove/flower polyp, a long polyp leather and got a free kenyan tree. Pics tomorrow maybe!
  12. Aubrey's Saltyyy

    With half of our managers going to a huge meeting and relying on us for most the week, I totally would call out "reef sick" lol.
  13. Aubrey's Saltyyy

    Thanks so much! I'm currently agonizing over my work schedule for next week- the good shops are open while I am working! Oh the horror.
  14. Aubrey's Saltyyy

    Trust me, I totally know how you feel! I bought newly received rock just so I could use it to jump start my cycle. It was about 2 weeks in the store's tank before I brought it home. No "bad" hitchhikers and no fun ones that I've seen yet either. Kind of bummed about that. I was so happy the morning I noticed the brown dusty haha.
  15. Aubrey's Saltyyy

    I know that I have the skill and will in keeping one in a 29, I just worry that he would get bored? They're fairly lazy, but they do get pretty hefty... Thanks for the compliments! And yes, I do have patience when it comes to tanks lol. Not really for anything else though.