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  1. Stocking opinions

    I would especially watch your Potter's around acans..mine loved them. I also had a fairy wrasse that was so aggressive towards the angel I had to remove it from the tank and that was a 40B. Just a heads up if you're looking into those kinds of wrasses. A pink streaked or possum would probably be more docile. I don't think you will have any problems with stocking order as long as the angel decides to be nice.
  2. Begining live rock cure

    http://www.pacificeastaquaculture.com/curing_rock.asp This is a pretty good article about curing rock. If you don't have a test kit for Ammonia/Nitrate/Nitrite pick one up. I am not the best person to ask since I have been out of the hobby for a bit, but basically you can test when the rock is cured by putting some fish food in there, letting it decay, and testing how fast the bacteria converts the ammonia. I always just added some Dr. Tim's and waited like a week and was good. I am not sure on the filter with carbon, hopefully someone else chimes in.
  3. My most favorite fish! I was heartbroken when I went to college and had to sell it.
  4. FS: Trachyphyllia, Duncan, Acans

    All gone. Thanks everyone.
  5. FS: Trachyphyllia, Duncan, Acans

    Trachy and green acans sold. Orange acan and duncan pending.
  6. FS: Trachyphyllia, Duncan, Acans

    Central Wyoming
  7. Hey everyone, So this makes me a little sad, but it is time for me to sell my corals. I can't take them to school and if they stay home they will die. Anyways, I'll ship however you want to, I will offer an Arrive Alive Refund on next day shipping. Red/ Green/ Purple Trachyphyllia 65$ Pretty big piece, opens up great in low to moderate flow. Green and Purple Acan 20$ Orange Acan 10$ (Mad because I turned the pump off, usually nice and fluffy) Duncan 20$ This was my favorite coral. I grew it out from one head. Does have a couple "empty" heads where I missed with some peroxide.
  8. Kole, white tail, other?

    I would advise a lid as well, although your question was about stocking.. I think the bangaii cardinals would be great. I had trouble getting one that I had to eat pellets but it chomped down on frozen mysis. Wrasses can be great fish as well, I had a fairy wrasse that was beautiful but also tortured all the other fish, so I sold it, but I love flasher wrasses. Dwarf angels can be sketchy for sure, I wouldn't risk it, especially if you're planning on LPS/Clams. For goby choices, I'm a fan of shrimp gobies because they are so fun to watch. Blennies can have cool mannerisms too, I also had one of those that was not a nice guy, but maybe I'm just unlucky.
  9. Are Corals Pets?

    Just to clarify I can also have fish! Although currently the tank has no fish and no food has been in it for months and its an absolute algae factory got my work cut out for me this summer
  10. Are Corals Pets?

    So my landlord just got back to me and said the tank would be completely fine "no worries at all" was the exact wording. I'll just print that and keep it!
  11. Are Corals Pets?

    I figured most people would consider them pets, especially since corals are animals (I myself consider them pets). Plus the snails etc. I honestly have no other options I am in a tiny college town and my roommates took forever to decide what they wanted so this is the only thing in our budget we could find. The other weird thing is I asked about it on our tour and he said "depending on the size I would let you have it" and seemed fine when I mentioned it held about 5 gallons of water... but now I'm not sure and don't want to be surprised with getting kicked out mid-semester because of my small reef. Pretty bummed because although my family tried their best I have come home to a small tank filled with algae and about 1/4 of the coral I had when I left. Thanks for the replies!
  12. Are Corals Pets?

    Hey all, This question has come to my mind because I'm about to sign a lease for an apartment and it says "no dog, cat, fish or fowl..pets of any kind etc" But then later says I could have any container of water as long as it is under 10 gallons.. Seeing as I have only coral was just curious all your thoughts on this question. I'm actually going to email the landlord just because I don't want to get in trouble, but just personally wondering what y'all thought!
  13. What fish to get?

    Pretty is all in what you think! Do you have some ideas of colors/behavior that you would like to see? And do you mean nice as in not mean or nice as in nice looking?
  14. Need stocking ideas for BTA dominant 12G/22G long

    12 gallons is a bit small for a dwarf angel, and it has a chance of eating your acans too!
  15. Tunze Osmolator Issue

    Hey all, Had a quick question, I just moved my tank to a different room so I unplugged and moved all the equipment obviously. For some reason my ATO isn't working..everything is plugged in correctly as far as I can tell. When I switch it on, the pump runs, but it sounds like it is burning up and doesn't pump any water. Any ideas? Thanks