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  1. Fukushima's Effect On Our Hobby

    No. Probably closer to 500,000-1,000,000 years. Earth and her creatures have already been through 4 billion years of meteors, CME (Coronal Mass Ejections), volcanos, and the like. I have faith she will pull through.
  2. Mantis Shrimp Story

    whatcha gonna name him?
  3. Stomatopod breeding project

    dumpys tree frog!
  4. Stomatopod breeding project

    Probably studying the Indo-Pacific reefs, specifically the mangrove habitats
  5. Stomatopod breeding project

    Marine biologist
  6. Stomatopod breeding project

    bad news everyone, no a mantis didn't die but the female dropped the egg sac, but on the brighter side here is a video of them during sexytimes (redditors will understand) stomatopod sex also I have two captive bred Kuda seahorses in the mangrove biotope, Koda and Kuda the seahorses Koda and Kuda
  7. Fish ate my hermit

    I doubt a mantis, in a fight between a mantis and a pistol the pistol often wins
  8. Euphyllia's Greenhouse - Highland Jungle

    Mmmmm no not as wet as the neps just don't let them get below being moist
  9. Stomatopod breeding project

    Good luck with the sexys, what I have heard from Roy is that when gonolactid larvae settle they are large enough to eat larval brine and adult rots. The system I am making to raise the larvae will be 20 or so 3 oz plastic cups with a ball of cheato and a drip system to deliver the rots, OR just my 2.5 filled with cheato and calupliera with a bunch of pods and let the larvae do all the work and hunt for themselvs. The reason I am separating them is due to their highly cannibalistic behavior
  10. Stomatopod breeding project

    See my sig below
  11. my coral crew

    Awww lucky 3 days of phish sounds awesome, the sarcophyton shouldn't pose a problem so long as you don't injure it
  12. Stomatopod breeding project

    It wouldn't surprise me, stomatopods have sex like humans, all the time and in different positions :naughtydance:
  13. Stomatopod breeding project

    Lolololol poor bonnie
  14. Show me your frags.

    mines bigger leather coral, 10 bucks
  15. my coral crew

    wow your tank is really maturing also nice corals, off topic were you at the August 13 2010 show at deer creek?