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  1. Maybe a pic of where your tank is will help us with ideas. For instance, I'm setting up a new build. Tank is 4 ft long, beside it the wall is recessed 8ftx2ft with windows. I'm having a window seat built 8x2x2. This will cover my chiller, 40 gal refugium, 20 gal ATO resivor and supplies. I could never fit that in a stand.
  2. I would reccomend an AVAST marine ATO. $80 plus $10 aqualifter. Take the savings and apply it toward a used AI Sol, you will upgrade to a bigger tank plus the SOL will be easier to resale. Once you remove the hood for LED's your evap will increase. I use fans to controll my temp and go through about a gallon a day. I have a 7 gallon resivore in the stand of my BC29. Edit: clowns are not know for jumping. My BC is rimless/topless for 6 months with a pair of snow onxy clowns and a Flameback angle. They never jump from the water. Some fish ate know jumpers, just don't stick them. Clowns are fine in a topless tank.
  3. I could be wrong but I think you would need a larger sump than a 40B. If you loose power to your return pump your display will drain into the sump and I don't think you would have enough volume left to handel the drain. Also as you want a self sustaining system with as little WC as pissible a 90 gallon refugium would be better to help you toward that goal. LED's can be tricky with a tank that size if your going SPS predominate. T5's would be a safer choice and you can get good deals on them now. + 1 on the controller. I would cycle the tank but not add any coral untill you buy the controller. It's cheap insurance. Many variables for things to go wrong with a build of that size and a $500 controller can save you thousands in livestock.
  4. I've been waiting to order a reef Brite led strip and T5 bulbs. Yes be generous, after all it's America's birthday.
  5. Petco. Dogfood storage container. Fit 7.5 gallon, roughly 17x13x20. Fits nicely in my BC stand and I go through 1 gallon of evap a day with fans for cooling.
  6. I run a fluval 406 and 306 canister on my BC29. I'm not familiar with the magnum. For my fluval maintance is pretty easy. If you wanted to run it once a week for a few hours, then take it off line and clean it you have already done the weekly maintance so why not leave it online for the week? Many say canisters are nitrate factories but that's not true if you clean them weekly. A recent TOTM here ran a canister for filtration.
  7. I don't have an AI but what was your old lighting and what are you keeping. That will help others answer you.
  8. Lots of interest in this. Sorry guys, SOLD
  9. Noise is just like any properly functioning MP10. No grinding of bearings, all is in good condition. Used on two tanks about 9 months each time.
  10. PM's replied to. Remember I need your email address to send pics. I'm not savvy enough to post pics.
  11. Selling MP20 blue box with less than 2 years use on it. $150 shipped to you via USPS priority with tracking and insurance. Pics via email upon request.
  12. 12 is at the upper end of acceptable. What are you stocking? What's your PH and Calcium? Some salt mixes are high in CA and Alkalinity as that works good for larger fully stocked tanks that do smaller/less frequent WC than we with nano tanks. Check the perameters of your source water, I bet it close to your tank.
  13. Point well taken. Experienced reefers can read thier tank without test kits by nusisnce algae and the way corals react. only learning that the zero nitrate free tank I was orriginally striving for is not a good idea.
  14. My Acans look retracted at 5ppm nitrates. They don't really open up until nitrates are around 10 ppm. That's the difficulty in a mixed reef. Eventually I want an LPS/clam tank at over 10 ppm nitrates and an SPS tank with nitrates around 2 ppm. Zero nitrates/phosphates are sure to lead to a tank crash.
  15. It's all about the waranty. In this case ecotech will most likely only honor the waranty from the date of manufacture. The amount of waranty left will greatly determine the fair market value for your sale.
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