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  1. Keeping a Seahorse BC29 Cool

    Start looking for a small 1/15-1/5 hp chiller. You'll be able to keep the tank at any temp you want. Stability will be the key to sucess with ponies.
  2. Storing water in empty soda bottle?

    If they can store soda without leaching anything, I'm sure they'll be fine for RODI and saltwater.
  3. Stand for a DIY 35gallon

    go to reefcentral, and search for Rocket Engineer's stand thread. build it like that and you won't have any problems.
  4. pump for BRS reactor

    No recommendations? I'm going to be getting a chiller soon so heat isn't as big of an issue as before. Is there something that puts out the same flow as the MJ1200 but isn't as noisy?
  5. pump for BRS reactor

    Hey guys. I got a Hydor 1200, I think, to run my BRS carbon/GFO reactor. It hardly tumbles the GFO. It has about 2' to go to the reactor and then back up to the tank. This is in my Biocube 29g. The reactor is in my stand and the pump is in the second chamber in the back. I also have an MJ 1200 for my return pump. Is there any pump that I could use to replace both pumps? Something that doesn't put out a lot of heat would be nice. I would be willing to take out the divider between the second and third chamber if needed. I'd rather not do an external for fear of leaks, but if there's a good one then I could make it work.
  6. do I NEED a dimmer?

    On 9 gallons? How many LEDs are you running? I would get a dimmer on their soon.
  7. Biocube 29g first saltwater tank

    Answers above in RED.
  8. Biocube 29g first saltwater tank

    When I can bring up my laptop I'll answer all questions. On my phone right now and that's too much typing. Lol
  9. 29g Biocube LED layout

    Yep. You can check it out in my tank build thread. Link is in my signature. I used 5 drivers. 2 for the blues. I don't currently have my red/turquoise on. I had an algae outbreak and wasn't sure if the red helped that grow. Once I get it all cleaned up I'll plug the reds back in and see what happens.
  10. Cheato Lighting

    I have the 10 watt underwater light and wouldn't recommend it. It heates my tank up. When I run the light, only about 6-7 hours at nigh, my tank never drops below 80, and hits 82 during the day. Without the light it hits 80 during the day and will drop to 77-78 at night. If you have another way to cool the tank then it might not be an issue.
  11. Prices are ridiculous!

    I live 5 minutes from Elite and go there often. Check out www.marinecolorado.org There are a lot of vendors on there that are hobbiest that run frag tanks at their house. Very good selection and prices. Also, send me a PM if you are looking for something specific. I don't have a lot, but know a few guys that do.
  12. -JDKs Rimless Biocube 29-

    So not that you've had the skimmer for a few more days, what are your thoughts?
  13. Islandoftiki's Mantis/Pest Tank Pico Contest Winner!

    Awesome little tank. The mantis is the icing on the cake.
  14. FishSticks: Biocube 29 gallon

    Looks good. What are you currently running the blues and whites at?
  15. How much of the stock hood would you have to cut off to make this fit?