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  1. JamieSheffield

    Star fish Troubles

    QFT...I have almost no coraline algae in my tanks... Jamie
  2. JamieSheffield

    Star fish Troubles

    Sorry to hear about your troubles...I've had bad luck with starfish, except for asterina stars, which I have in every tank, and seem to thrive on abuse and neglect... Jamie
  3. JamieSheffield

    LFS Selling Wrongly Named Corals, Their Bad or Ours?

    I now call every zoa "Wadioactive Wasabi", and in fact heard someone on NR reference the name last week...flashy zoa names for the purposes of sales are silly. People should be using species names or simple color descriptors...JMHO Jamie
  4. JamieSheffield

    Chaeto on 24hr light cycle OR opposite main tank lights.

    I run mine from 5:30 in the morning until 9:30 at night, which is longer on both ends than my tank, but not opposite or 24hr. It grows like crazy. Jamie
  5. JamieSheffield

    Noisy AC50...fixable?

    I just purchased an AC50 from a NR member, and when it finally arrived, I cleaned it out (it arrived filthy, not even rinsed), and plugged it in... Noisy, rattling, squeaky...I unplugged it and fiddled with the seating of the motor, the uptake pipe, the chamber lid, and rinsed the impeller and impeller-chamber...still ridiculously noisy... Is there anything else that I can try, or just put the thing in my garage as an emergency backup, for the day when things go so badly that I don't care about the noise... Thanks, Jamie
  6. JamieSheffield

    Help me decide my LED setup.

    Just a thought...for the first year I ran my nano tank (20L) with LED bulbs over the tank...after seeing all of the posts about the LED systems, I ordered one... I was really excited on the day it arrived, took my primitive lighting system apart, and mounted the light from my ceiling and turned it on... I HATED it! It had a fan built in to control the heat from the lights, and it was so noisy compared to the lighting that I had gotten used to... I sold it, and switched back to the LED bulbs and lamps...my tank is in my bedroom, and I couldn't live with the extra noise. Jamie
  7. JamieSheffield

    Best Ghetto DIY jobs around

    DIY Skimmer
  8. JamieSheffield


    I tried to play around with their online DIY led-bar creation tool, but it doesn't allow for bigger than 12"... Jamie
  9. JamieSheffield

    •••Huge pico equipment sale!•••

    Finally got the order...thanks JR! Jamie
  10. JamieSheffield

    84 hrs and going still no power for the tank

    My question is why not buy/use a generator or inverter? The livestock in your tank probably costs more than a generator, and certainly much more than an inverter... If you live in an apartment or similar that doesn't permit the use of either, than please excuse my question. Jamie
  11. JamieSheffield

    •••Huge pico equipment sale!•••

    Xanthi - The storm didn't affect us up here, and it didn't affect anyone 2 weeks ago... JR - thanks for the update, glad you're feeling better! Jamie
  12. JamieSheffield

    •••Huge pico equipment sale!•••

    2 weeks after payment, still waiting for my item to arrive...when did you ship the AC50? Thanks, Jamie
  13. JamieSheffield

    Finnex HOB Refugium

    I didn't think that the bubbler would get enough water up there to make it work, so I upgraded to the small pump, which puts a nice (but still not huge) amount of water up into, and through, the refugium. So far, I'm really happy with it...the light seems to work nicely, the movable dividers allow me to partially segregate different parts of the fuge, and the stuff growing in there seems to be thriving... Jamie
  14. JamieSheffield

    Power Outage. What to do if it happens to you.

    I live in a house, and instead of a generator, have a 400 watt inverter that plugs into my car lighter. I park the car close to my house, run a 100' extension cord inside, and alternate between tanks. This setup costs about $50, works indefinitely, is totally portable, and has let me show zombie movies on camping trips or charge my laptop at any time. I keep the inverter and extension cord in my car-mergency bag, it's always ready to go, and the gas never goes bad (as can happen in a generator. Jamie
  15. JamieSheffield

    Something opening up

    My googling indicated that it might be a "Wadioactive Wasabi" zoa, but I'm not sure... Jamie