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  1. Bristleworm? I think? Good or bad?

    They are Bristleworms, Dont worry. love your little sexy shrimp
  2. what type of fish

  3. what type of fish

    THat sucks, and they probably are hard to care for
  4. what type of fish

    WOW !!!!! thats a stunning fish
  5. what type of fish

    I do like gobys ALOT!!! but i have always liked Hawaii and yellow tangs.
  6. what type of fish

    whatever any type of fish.
  7. what type of fish

    I was wondering what type of fish you would be and why. I would be a yellow tang because my favorite place to go to and be is in Hawaii. So tell me what you would be. THANK YOU
  8. my 10 gallon 1 month

    nice start
  9. Nano reef update

    I really respect this tank other tanks are colorful and all purrtied up but yours isnt. Differant i like it
  10. What is your favorite type of fish?

    Shrimp gobys
  11. best place to buy corals online

    check the sponsers, Nanoreef.com reps some pretty good online stores.
  12. Bella Hosting

    nice picture great camera skills
  13. How many fish in a 10 gallon?

    You could definatly put a smaller clown in there, and you could probaly put in one more fish. If you do add another fish you should add something small like clown gobys
  14. Entire setup with the Rock and sand in place!!!

    nice aquascape
  15. Jawfish burrow, ant-farm style!

    nice, pretty cool