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  1. Just found it. Pays to read the instructions I guess I didn't enable Fusion Control on my Apex after updating the firmware. Thanks!
  2. I had reset the router, my apex, and the wireless gaming router that is connected to the Apex. The thing that I am a little confused on is it is communicating with the Apex. It is graphing the temp and all that. It just doesn't seem like the commands are making it through. I'll try rebooting everything again though.
  3. I am unable to control my apex from my laptop. I can log into fusion, see all the status information on my dashboard but when I try to control, the command doesn't happen. For instance, I try to turn my return pump to off. The dashboard slide moves to off, the status above says off, but the return pump stays on? Any thoughts? Thanks!
  4. Light and heater sold. Looking to sell tank, original light and pump for $30 now.
  5. Not sure. It has 4 blue and 1 white though.
  6. Located in Newport Beach CA $30 $80 $60 for everything. Price is firm. Pickup only. I'd be willing to break the setup up but it needs to be local pickup. Fluval Spec 2 Original Fluval Spec 2 lighting Original Fluval Spec 2 pump Hydor 25w Heater BoostLED Par30 LED (4 blue 1 white) Architect Lamp One of those jugs used for transporting saltwater
  7. dcel22

    Vortech MP10 for sale

    Mp10 is sold. thanks!
  8. dcel22

    Vortech MP10 for sale

    Hmmmm not sure what's up with that. I tried the link on my phone along with on my girlfriends phone. The album should be a public album. If anyone is interested and you can't see the pics just send me a pm with your email address and I will send em over. Thanks.
  9. dcel22

    Vortech MP10 for sale

  10. dcel22

    Vortech MP10 for sale

    Yes I am. I looked on eBay and used ones were selling closer to $190. I then discounted my price to take in account that the wet side is broken. It sounds like you got a really good deal on yours. I'd love to buy one for the price you mentioned. I'd just turn around and sell it for more on eBay
  11. I have only used this mp10 for about a year. The date of manufacture is Dec 29 2011 so basically 2 years ago. Something must have gotten in the wet side. One half of the propeller is broken of. It comes with everything including the manual and original box. $140 with free shipping to 48 states. It is an mp10 es
  12. dcel22

    WTB: Neptune Apex Controller

    last bump before going new...........anyone?