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  1. Abyss Peninsula NPS in the bottom half and Softies/LPS in the upper half.
  2. Check in hour 4
  3. Check in hour number 3
  4. I love the Desert Oasis Cyphastrea. Too bad all Cyphastrea die on me no matter what I do with them.
  5. Check in hour 2. I hope some more Demon's Aura favia comes up! Been too slow to grab it so far.
  6. Check in hour 1. On the road now... Can't wait to get home to actually try buying stuff!
  7. Oh man, was this what you were alluding to the other day when you mentioned "built in hanger"?
  8. I just wanted to say... I saw Dave's clam in person today and it is yuge.
  9. Can you post a link to a bigger version of that please?
  10. I currently have an RFA sitting with my Paly grandis and another with my Ricordea florida. All parties are doing fine. I've also had a Borneman's anemone (same genus, different species as RFAs) sit in the middle of RFAs and everyone was fine. My clam didn't seem to like it when one of my RFAs walked next to it. Don't know if it was because it just didn't like something brushing up against its mantle or it it was actually being stung. In the past I've had photosynthetic Gorgonians and Zoanthids remain closed up when in proximity to RFAs. The Gorgonians slowly died. I've had an Elegance coral sting my Borneman anemone. THe Borneman's tentacles were retraced for a few days, then he wised up and moved out of range of the Elegance.
  11. Yup, they will. Even though they are both from the Caribbean, they aren't the natural host of the Pederson's. The Condy anemone is. That being said, the RFA has very little choice in the matter and will let a Sexy Shrimp or Pederson's shrimp sit on them. (RFAs in the wild host a very small copepod.)
  12. I happen to have the 1%. They think zoas are delicious. (Yes, mine are the dark grey ones. Dave's at least looks like the peaceful all white ones.)
  13. Nice macro, BUT KILL IT WITH FIRE!
  14. No problem. I had the same response as you the first time I saw male Lyretails. I took pictures of them so I could ask others what the heck that gorgeous fish was!
  15. Male lyretail anthia. The orange fish nearby are female lyretails.