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  1. KFMMartin's (not so) Bada$$ Cube

    Well I'm still alive...so there's that. The tank is still up and being completely overrun by macro algae. The goby is doing swell. It's kinda a big mess tho...can't remember last time I did a WC. It's really a shame because I had such high hopes for this tank but life got in the way and it just never really came to fruition. Oh well. Been on NR a little the last few days and am thinking of setting up a small shallow rimless tank sometime in the future, but unfortunately because of the timing of going away to school in a few months, I'm thinking it probably wouldn't be wise to start any new projects...not sure how feasible running a tank at school is as I've never tried it. So until then...I'm just living vicariously through you all...sigh
  2. Kat's Birthday Party

    Absolutely nothing. Basically has not been touched since I last logged on to NR unfortunately. One of the macros has completely taken over and the goby is still doing fine. Life was just way too crazy to ever get the seahorse idea fully off the ground unfortunately I'd take the tank down except it would be a ton of work...I'm just really bored with the biocube tbh. I want to start a new project but unfortunately the timing is not good right now so I'm not sure I will have anything going in the near future which kinda sucks. In the meantime I've just started lurking a little on NR to get my fix lol
  3. Kat's Birthday Party

    Yes lol. No actually I just logged on for the first time in forever and your name was at the top of the recent threads and I remembered that we were bffs so I had to stop by and say hello...how are things? I'm having difficulty remembering who I know here...basically you, Zia, and Rehype lol it's been waaaaay too long
  4. Kat's Birthday Party

    Wow I just checked and my last post was a year and a half ago...that's a long time without handholding, how have you managed??
  5. Kat's Birthday Party

    Hey Kat, remember me? Long time no see Tank looks dope and your cat is qute.
  6. KFMMartin's (not so) Bada$$ Cube

    Ladies and gentlemen we have a goby sighting. I repeat. We have a goby sighting.
  7. KFMMartin's (not so) Bada$$ Cube

    Based on how bad the yellow one looked before I left id be willing to be he's a goner. But ya I wouldn't be surprised if the blue one is just hiding...he was looking good after he got in the tank
  8. Diver's Pony Paradise - New photos! (pg. 64)

    Feliciaaaaa, I can't keep fish alive WHATS WRONG WITH ME???
  9. KFMMartin's (not so) Bada$$ Cube

    Unfortunately I had to go out of town the day after the gobies arrived and I'm not getting home till Saturday. I've received word from home that both gobies have gone missing. Neither has been spotted since I put them in the tank I'm pretty upset and it only makes it worse that I'm not home because I feel like there's nothing I can do
  10. KFMMartin's (not so) Bada$$ Cube

    Helpppppp Gobies are in the tank. Blue guy is looking mahvelous but I think the yellow is a goner. First off it looked unusually fat...it's kinda having seizures and when it tries to swim looks like he's unintentionally barrel rolling like he's trying to stop himself from being upside down...now he just stuck his head in a rock and his tail is sticking out...idk it looks bad
  11. KFMMartin's (not so) Bada$$ Cube

    Gobies arrived, are acclimating, and are already attacking each other... yayyyy
  12. KFMMartin's (not so) Bada$$ Cube

    Order pushed back again. Expected delivery Friday. The sick and twisted thing is that today it was -2 degrees and it actually felt warm...I was walking around with jeans and a hoodie and felt fine...40 degrees warmer than Monday so makes sense I guess
  13. Diver's Pony Paradise - New photos! (pg. 64)

    Awesome video! Truly awful music tho...
  14. KFMMartin's (not so) Bada$$ Cube

    ahh that's a really good idea! I think I'll probably try to do that. 63??? Wow you are lucky. Took my dog out once today and it was -41 windchill. And yes, that feels as cold as you would think...it's freezing for about 10 seconds and then it just hurts. I was really bundled up but my face was throbbing and the dog was limping within probably 30 seconds...not good haha
  15. Diver's Pony Paradise - New photos! (pg. 64)

    Yeah initially they were scheduled to arrive on Friday but saltwaterfish keeps having to delay the shipment cuz it's so damn cold. The high tomorrow is -15, and they're saying it could get to -50 with the windchill