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  1. Photoperiod too long?

    Im on 12:12. My whites are on from 11-4 (5hours).
  2. LF - nano led

    Makersled 6" nano fixture with kessil gooseneck 2 x cree 3ups (2rb1nw) 1 x ocw 3up 2 x true violet Ran with 2x 750ma buckpucks. 2Channel both dimmable with pots. $150 shipped
  3. Petco 1$ a gallon sale

    I picked up a 40b. No AGA tanks to found at my local petco. Tetra is all they carry! Im not complaining for $45 out the door.
  4. 15G reef build

    You DO NOT need a skimmer of any kind! You DO NOT need to do 50% weekly water changes. After rock/sand you will likely be closer to 10 gallons of water. 10% -20% weekly will be more than enough. Granted you may have to do a few more as You get the tank established. A 5g bucket is your New best friend get aquainted!
  5. 24" t5 retrofit

    ac50/70 media basket koralia nano's? HOB skimmer? 18" t5 fixture (dual bulb, would like to upgrade my qt tanks T5NO strip HA!) Would be willing to add cash Paypal for something cool?
  6. 24" t5 retrofit

    Sure! Old picture of the custom hood I made to house the retro's: Same stuff, just in a bag now! Will trade for nano stuff?
  7. Silly Question on Dry Rock

    ALOT of LFS stores carry texas holey rock. Ive seen it used as base rock in reef tanks, and it makes for a BEA-u-tiful African tank. Realatively cheap around here (sub$2.50lb) List your live rock locally, im sure someone will snag it up.. and fund your holey rock venture?
  8. 24" t5 retrofit

    2X 24w t5HO retrofit with 3m reflectors. Ballast/endcaps come from aquaticlife fixture. 3M reflectors are in nice shape. NO salt creep. They were housed in a custom sealed hood. I have 2sets of 2x24w. $20 + actual shipping cost. EACH. NO bulbs included.
  9. PicO Skimmer 2.0 WHY?

    Tank bling?
  10. Will be boxing these up tomorrow if anyone wants them! Trade for wp25? Hob skimmer? Ac50-70 w/ media basket?
  11. NEW! Fusion Nano 10 & Fusion Nano 20 Aquariums

    Really digging the 20.. One thing that turns me off.. WHY is the stand as much as the tank? I though BC hit a good price point having the stand roughly 1/2 the cost of the tank. Just food for thought, still love the new tanks! Great price on tank itself.