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  1. Need nanotuners 3.24 instructions

    I got the kit for free so there was no fans. The fans in there now are not running so fans are the next thing on my list. Then a better return pump, Refugium, then possibly LEDs
  2. Need nanotuners 3.24 instructions

    Thanks man you were a big help I got everything all put together and running!
  3. Need nanotuners 3.24 instructions

    Would you be able to get me a picture please?
  4. Need nanotuners 3.24 instructions

    The old transformer has two blue and two red wires
  5. Need nanotuners 3.24 instructions

    That's what I have been going off of so far. I just can't figure out what to do with the black and white wires on the ballast and what to do with the old transformer and where those wires go
  6. I recently got a NT3.24 upgrade kit from a generous member of a club. Everything is there, but there are no instructions. I am halfway there I just don't know which wires to splice or what not so instructions would be greatly appreciated
  7. Few Frags for SALE! NJ Reefers

    You ever come up to NY?
  8. Chaeto Is Un-killable!

    Yea I can't keep mine alive. No chemipure or phosphate removers. No idea what my issue is
  9. Wtb Whale

    I can sell you my ex-girlfriend, she's a whale now!
  10. Recommend me some fish

    The LNB I had previously was chowing down on everything. Guess I got lucky. The clowns I'm only having two. A B+W occ and a regular orange
  11. Recommend me some fish

    Im going with another tank bred occelaris to go with my black and white. Why avoid the butterfly? my last one was fine till I realized it had ich, black ich, and lympho.
  12. Recommend me some fish

    Ok, so After an ich outbreak, a QT and the death of all but one fish I'm looking for new suggestions for my 40 breeder. I have about 55 pounds of rock, and a sizeable fuge, and an Aqua C remora HoB skimmer. The tank is LPS and softies I have shrimp, and want clams in the future. I have a B+W Occ. Clown at the moment I previously had an occ clown, YWG, neon goby, Royal gramma, and long nose butterfly. these are the fish I'm thinking, any other suggestions? watchman firefish b and w clown and occy royal gramma sixline flame angel midas blenny mandarin long nose hawkfish long nose butterfly
  13. LFS display tanks

    I work at a LFS and I'll tell you we only have one person in our department at one time. To handle all small animals, reptiles, fish, reef, isles, insects all a one time is a process. An to catch every small problem is very hard
  14. That, or it was from backflow through the return if it wasn't on, the middle chamber requires the firs chamber to be completely full for it to fill