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  1. auqatic life T5+custom made LED

    buy it new for 235 at petco on line
  2. MP10W -$225 shipped

    150 i would,rather buy new 240 from petco new...hahaha
  3. WTB H.O.B. Skimmer

    i have a CPR skimmer with cup,new pump $50
  4. 20" SUNPOD 70w MH

    were you located??
  5. i purchased my Tube Anemone for 15 bucks at 3 inches after a couple it grew 1 to 2 inches more,that was bout a year ago...i still have it,i wanted to sell it and found the most insane price for $100 at Cherry Corals and also found a price of $60 on Live Aquaria,i still talk to the owner who sold it to me.He owns a LFS and still sells the Anemone for $15... Has anyone ever purchased from Cherry Corals?? http://www.liveaquaria.com/diversden/ItemD...amp;ddid=143155 http://www.cherrycorals.com/product.php?pr...=173&page=1
  6. Which RODI

    that is way expensive,i have this ro/di unit and it works perfectly,it comes with 5 gallon can,dual output for faucet or spray,meter for pressure and free shipping.i use the water also for my new born soon.does not come with a tds meter but ther cheap..customer service is great,#### them name brand douches heres the website http://www.ebay.com/itm/REEF-HOME-DRINKING...=item2eba97e0fb
  7. f/s AquaticLife T5 HO 24"

    70 more bucks you can get a new one with free shipping,200 way too much..there is one on here for 100
  8. MP10 F/S

    80 shipped
  9. NEED HELPPPPP please..

    i blew it with the turkey baster and it went down,the it came back up..it looks like a cut wen it goes down.
  10. hey whats up man,i have green kenya tree
  11. NEED HELPPPPP please..

    just about 2 days ago i notice my favia got this wired bubble on the top,can anyone tell me wat this is???
  12. Remora Skimmer

    is this the nano?? wat size pump??
  13. Dumass up here.... 230 with shipping,who wants this great deal?