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  1. Aquatic therapy build

    So I'm starting my own tank ( 29 gallon first saltwater) being my girlfriend has hers I want mine. So I started on doing research for a local biotope for mine and added sand now I have a 6 inch sand bed and added water.... Then I got the horrible news my dad died... so after dealing with that I'm using this as a form of therapy.so with that being said I was using the tank as a local biotope setup panama city beach grass flats as a therapy to get over what has happened. This thread will chronicle the build of my peace of a paradise retreat forewarning progress will be slow because I want to get this right the first time.Thanks for listening and comments and criticism and or suggestions first pics will be posted later tonight or tomorrow morning
  2. Like the title says.... Anyone on here have luck with raising fry? Found a blenny with eggs now trying to do an emergency grow out build To try to raise some of these little guys. I've been reading around And seen a lot on raising clownfish but not so much on blennies So I'm assuming same concept? Rotifers,no flow and rigorous water change Or well adding new water? just hoping to bounce a few questions. Thanks ahead of time
  3. Fish hitchhiker help

    I promise I will do the best I can with a iphone....
  4. Fish hitchhiker help

    Well taking the fish wasn't intentional by any means.... I'll bite... How is this thread nuts?
  5. Fish hitchhiker help

    I would love to.... There going to a bare bottom tank tomorrow... Where can I get rotifers fast because I can have two weeks to two days To set up a grow out I've written these of as an unfortinit loss But being pushed by the other half I'm gonna scramble to try to make this work Wish me luck..... I know I'm gonna need it and a little Devine intervention also
  6. Fish hitchhiker help

    Sorry I missed the link my phones acting up. Thank you for that link As far as checking the water parameters I will get on that first thing tomorrow And miss atela please forgive me for that mix up ma'am
  7. Fish hitchhiker help

    .... Really? I found this little guy in the grass flats(after stepping on a blue crab) Hmmm interesting Ok thanks for the info on the fish
  8. Fish hitchhiker help

    Well thanks for all of the help.that's good to know that they are curious That means entertainment. He's about 3 inches he will be moving into A 29 gallon biotope that's in the planning process.and it will be spoiled (with in reason) he's the only fish in there right now.any special needs? Also did it pick up on the food on it's own or did you trian it?
  9. Fish hitchhiker help

    You sir are my hero at the moment thank you for that I looks like it I found it in the grass flat hidden in a shell... Or well found the shell then the fish..
  10. Fish hitchhiker help

    Could it be a blenny?
  11. Fish hitchhiker help

    Ok well that narrows it down to keeping it. Lesson learned for next time. Side note found out why it was in the shell Eggs tons and tons of them little orange ones the size of a .
  12. Fish hitchhiker help

    I can't seem to get any better pictures... (darn camera phones) And can't use my t2i cause no computer to upload pictures to... Very true...
  13. Fish hitchhiker help

    It's in a 10 gallon but have a 29 and a 55 if need be... Have a 75 on hold if need be I can Change to a bigger tank
  14. Fish hitchhiker help

    I'll try to now
  15. Fish hitchhiker help

    Well if I can figure out what it is I will know if I can do all of it Foods not an issue nether will the tank size ( I'm sure unless it Grows to a ridiculous size ) nor parasites being it's the only thing In there right now....well other then 3 snails