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  1. 75g rimless reef build

    Looking forward to the progress.
  2. Would you accept this tank build?

    You're being nice. I get it. If you don't want the tank, tell them so. If the work is not up to your standard or what you expected of them, tell them what they need to do to fix it. Seeing the RC link, they kind of adhered to what you wanted, that tank has bracing and looks to be using black silicone also. Granted their bracing is HUGE and the silicone work is not as clean (though I am not sure if the viewing edges are even crooked or if it's the bottom splotches that are making it look so), but it's certainly similar. If it were me, I would as them to make the bracing less intrusive (as shown in the reference link) and for them to ensure that the silicone work is clean as the tank is going to be barebottom, otherwise I wouldn't take it.
  3. "My Daughter's" Solana 34G

    Thank you msscha! While looking at the number, I couldn't imagine 13 days, but I am certainly nearing that as I am on my 10th day. Without worrying about electrical dependent pets, I would guess that it's a bit easier to handle, while still being relative. Obviously people around my area (and NJ) do have it worse than I do. Thanks to Finding Nemo, my daughter has been ok with hearing that the fish 'have gone back to the ocean'. I am relieved that they are no longer suffering, but kicking myself for not anticipating the worst and just giving the fish away. I will pick up a generator (and gas cans) once the power comes back and the demand completely dies.
  4. "My Daughter's" Solana 34G

    Update Tank is done, 9 days without power, the last fish was plucked out a few days ago. Poetically the last one to go was the first fish I bought. I will be back, will rebuild slowly.
  5. Hermit Crab ID

    Having thought about it again, I may now have an idea where my emerald crab went. I am not sure if this guy will bother fish, but I will keep him until he gets too big or I see him going after fish.
  6. Hermit Crab ID

    John came back with Starry-eyed hermit. Judging by pics, it might very well be. Great crab, but might get way too big for my tank. Thanks for all of the input.
  7. Hermit Crab ID

    He is deinitely bulkier than my regular hermits, looking at images I would say that it is definitely a possibility. I mean they have to be small first, right? Hopefully not because I don't want to have to take him out of the tank, but seeing how big they get, there is no way that I could accomidate him. I will see what John from reefcleaners comes back with.
  8. Hermit Crab ID

    Compared to my blue legs and red legs, he's huge, but for reference, the sand is fiji pink. So not that large. His claw tips are also rounded, I am not sure that the same general theory for crab claws applies to hermits as well. I have not seen him bother anything. He just eats out of the sand all day. Not very timid like the other hermits when I approach the tank, just kind of hangs out and eats. He doesn't seem to mind when fish are near him, and from what I have seen, just passes over other snails to get to more sand. Not a bad idea. I am not sure if this one came from him or an LFS. I checked there already, unfortunately, nothing. ------ Here is a cropped picture that might help with details.
  9. Hermit Crab ID

    What kind of hermit is this? I am leaning toward white spotted, but the antennae are throwing me off as they are banded. I checked the hermit site from the master id thread, but couldn't come up with anything. Thanks in advance.
  10. Possible Leather Coral Hitch hiker?

    Looks like clove polyps to me.
  11. "My Daughter's" Solana 34G

    Current shot. Still not happy with the rock. I have to get around to breaking it up and figuring out a different layout. Picked up two new fish over the last month or so, a Royal Gramma (Daughter has been requesting this fish for a while now) and a Yellow Wrasse. The wrasse is certainly a favorite, very active and interesting fish to watch. I think I am pretty much at or near the limit for fish now, 2 occelaris, neon goby, yellow wrasse, royal gramma. I might end up getting a watchman goby eventually, or some other small and interesting fish. Water seems fairly clean, weekly 5 gallon water changes, 0 nitrates, skimmer working well, but not over producing if that is any indication of the water quality. My neon goby is apparently hiding and not coming out for food. I saw him in the rock that he normally dwells in a few days ago and have not seen him since. I have noticed that the Royal Gramma has been sleeping in the same rock, so I am wondering if the Goby is being territorial of that rock and is afraid to leave it as he might give up his space. I still get a decent amount of cyano and a considerable amount of algae on the glass throughout the day, phosphates are good, somewhere over 0 but well under .25 (Api test ) New tank still? Radion? (Not sure about that though as I have taken all of the red and green out, finally putting it back in when the algae was not going away or getting better with the change) Something else? I bought a frag rack (sorry, purists) from blackrockreef (MR3.M), while pricy for what it is, it is of outstanding quality. The magnets on the rack itself are enclosed in the plastic of the rack and the magnets for the outside are in a rubber coating. Also picked up a few new corals in the process, some red mushrooms, paly's, a leather coral, zoas, an orange leptastrea, a nice little acan frag and some black sun coral that I am trying to nurse back to health. Hopefully my next update will contain new rock-work.
  12. SOLD Plz Close

    Great looking fixtures, phenomenal price. I wish I had a use for them. GLWS.
  13. Rielyn Says Give Them Another Chance!

    Just placed a small order, thanks!
  14. Why vortech over koralia?

    In a larger tank, it's easier to fit the koralia's in there without them being so noticed or looking severely out of place. In a smaller tank, they stick out like a sore thumb. I originally bought a Koralia 750 for my Solana cube, after seeing what it looked like in there (see link in sig), I picked up an MP10. So, form was a major factor for me. Once I had the MP10, not only the footprint, but the performance and features stood out. The different modes, speed adjustments, and (for wireless models) link-ability to other pumps or Ecotech lighting are huge. In terms of breaking down or in need of repair, the wetside is easy and fairly cheap (depending on the issue) to replace/repair if need be, the dry side is a bit more costly. My Koralia has been sent to water mixing duty, pretty much every time I plug it in, it is either running backwards or not running at all. It's a piece of junk in that regard. When it runs, or in a tank where it will always be on, you should have no problems. Depending on your needs and budget, either one will be fine.