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  1. added a bunch of frags and a coral beauty the other day. ill try to get some pictures tomorrow. went to the fish store today and got some more snails/hermit for both tanks. and after 8 or so years in reefing I got my first clump of chaeto. I donno why but I think its the coolest stuff ever.
  2. Small (overdue) update, moved from my mom's place to an apartment. Moving the tank to the third floor was a total pain. New light arms were added. The light sits even now and it's length is easily adjusted. Two jeboa rw4's were added as my gyre decided to poop out shortly after the move. Other then that not much else has changed, some corals didn't make it through the move but most are happy now.
  3. peanut butter and a 'furry' otter. wtf
  4. I know someone has got to have one of these sitting in their closet. Let me take it off your hands!
  5. I'm interested. Do you know where I can get a replacment bulb for it?
  6. I've got a 20l sump and I wish I went bigger so I could have a fuge. maybe I just fudged the baffles but between the intake, return, bubble trap, and main there isnt much room left.
  7. got rid of the nanobox and picked up a 6 bulb ati fixture. much happier with the t5 color.
  8. thanks! unfortunately the yasha has been missing for some time. the pistol is doing just fine though.
  9. everything in the tank seems to be doing well. I do need a bigger ATO reservoir, im tired of filling it everyday.
  10. I dont think you will be able to hear it from your bed. the overflow is silent until the water level falls from evap. I havent looked into alternative pumps yet, but I'm sure they are out there.
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