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  1. Stocked Nano Cube - Michigan - PU only

    Anyone still interested in this? It's still for sale!!
  2. Are you going to MACNA?

    ummmm, just a suggestion... but check out the link that Chris posted.
  3. Once In A Life-time Nano!!!

    Well, Grand Rapids is on the west side of the state and I am on the east side of the state. Sterling Heights is actually considered a suburb of Detroit even though there are many cities and miles between here and the Motor City. I too have learned quite a bit on my first tank that is such a dissappointment to me right now. I really want to get a new tank and put to use all of the knowledge I have attained by watching tanks like yours take shape. There are several threads that I have been following over the last couple of months, and I can't wait to put my knowledge to good use. I need to be patient though, I am moving next summer and I really don't want to have to break down another tank.... my last move almost destroyed my entire tank because of a misunderstanding with the electric company!! I may need to upgrade though - my BF is really excited about this hobby too and he really wants to build a huge tank into the wall of our new house next summer! I want to start off smaller though, but who knows, perhaps I'll be on Reef Central before long Silver
  4. Once In A Life-time Nano!!!

    Your tank is looking great. I love coming home to find you have posted new pics. Your tank gives me inspiration to do better with mine. Silver
  5. Stocked Nano Cube - Michigan - PU only

    It's still for sale... only change is that I lost one of the chocolate percs to the emerald crab yesterday. Bummer too, they were quite the cute couple. I sent you a PM with my contact information. Silver
  6. pics of my 25 gal

    Wow - those last couple of posts from BassAss were WAY out of line!!!!!!!!! Consider yourself reported BassAss - I am real tired of reading your foul posts!!! Silver
  7. Once In A Life-time Nano!!!

    OK Guys!!! Lets see some updated pics!!
  8. pics of my 25 gal

    Get a couple PC fans and have them blow on/across the water... you'll be surprised at how it cools the water... but keep an eye on the water level, fans cause more evaporation. Silver
  9. pics of my 25 gal

    Do you have any fans blowing across the water?
  10. pics of my 25 gal

    Corey, How many other tanks have you maintained in the 3 years you have been reefing? Do you have pics of those tanks? It would be a real inspiration if your earlier tanks look like mine does Thanks, Silver
  11. pics of my 25 gal

    Does everyone really think that the point of spending a fortune on MH and actinic lighting is to have the tank look dull and boring??? NOT I got an idea!! If you don't like the pics...... move on to another thread! I personally want to read everything that Corey writes about his tank so that I can learn how to keep a tank that looks like his!!!
  12. pics of my 25 gal

    WOW - is this a thread about Corey's tank or a philosophy class?
  13. Stocked Nano Cube - Michigan - PU only

    Just to let everyone know that the green algae was taken care of by the emerald crab. I am currently fighting brown algae... because I lost my turbo snail when I moved my tank. I'll try to get a more recent pic up here....but I can't seem to find the cable to get my pics off the camera..... it was packed during the move and it has mysteriously come up missing. Remember ---------------> OBO!!!!!!!!!
  14. FOR SALE - JBJ 12gal Nano Cube Located in Sterling Heights, Michigan - must be willing to come pick it up, will provide bucket and/or container for transport of critters. Upgraded pump 12 lbs LR 10 lbs LS 2 tank raised chocolate percs 1 cleaner shrimp 1 emerald crab 1 margarita snail 1 astria snail 1 cerith snail 1 narssiris (sp) snail 1 blue legged crab 2 green rics 1 green brain (lots of color) Extras: Original pump Instant Ocean Salt (whats left) hydrometer test kits for pH, ammonia, nitrates, nitrites and oxygen Cyclo-peeze and frozen shrimp 2 heaters fish net carbon carbon bag powerhead Asking $300 for the lot - OBO PM me if you are interested - or email me at fbirch@cs.wayne.edu
  15. pics of my 25 gal

    Corey, something tells me you like the fight. Getting a kick out of harassing the harassers?