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  1. I have never seen any micro species like this. I originally obtained them as hitch hikers on live rock, since then, their population has taken off. Does anyone know what particular species they are? If not, maybe I'll just have to give them a name.
  2. In the summer it stayed at 74 degrees, in the winter; I'd let it get down to the mid 60's. I never let their tank get too warm being as they are subtropical. Okay, so just an update...a guy from marinebreeder.org got the trio. Unfortunately, the smallest male didn't make the trip. The other male and female are doing great through. If we're lucky, maybe the new owner will post pictures and keep us updated on the other forum. Also, I'm glad I was able to find them somewhere else to live since I lost 90 PERFECT OF MY CORAL IN MY MOVE (and one fish and one shrimp ).
  3. I can ship them with a different carrier, I just listed upsp as I knew what their fees would be and didn't want to deter anyone since FedEx and UPS is a bit more expensive.
  4. rb1685, That's a great idea. Thanks for the tip! :-P
  5. It's probably because I have horrible crappy blurry pictures. Lol! The price on Blue Spots may come down a lot in the future once they are tank bred. Blue spot's are my favorite as well! They are insanely animated fish, and each one really is an individual. Thanks! I'm really hoping they go to a seasoned breeder.
  6. I was planning on keeping them after the female starting producing eggs, but since I'm moving; I really don't want to risk anything happening to them. Especially since I will be moving AGAIN after this next move. I FINALLY got a picture of the flashing! Sorry that they aren't the greatest...I really do need to get a digital SLR. Oh, I did however get a video though. (Please excuse my noob move of instinctively following the male towards the end of the video...lol!). The male that's flashing in these images is the younger of the two males. He's much more timid (and thus harder to photograph). I'll post the video as soon as it's done uploading.
  7. These guys are officially now on ebay. Here's to hoping their new guardian is a member of this forum and will post pictures of their progress. I will be sad to see them go.
  8. So close to getting a picture of the flashing... ARG! http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/6/dscn3759k.jpg/'>
  9. It's impossible to get a picture of the male flashing! I'll keep trying though.
  10. *UPDATE* My male just recently began flashing (bright white and black)! They are in a 40 gallon breeder with a 5 inch sand bed (which is deeper in some areas) and lots of chunky rubble. I'm actually in the midst of moving, so I think I may be officially listing these guys on ebay since the bf agreed to be the one responsible for packing them. I'm hoping I can relocate them to someone who is interested in pursuing this project!
  11. I haven't witnessed either of them sharing a burrow. They do have underground tunnels, but I still think that they are not quite at that stage yet. The male is exhibiting breeding behavior similar to other video's I've seen, but he's not quite flashing....yet! I really do need a microscope, but given his age (and size) I'm pretty sure that the eggs aren't fertile. I guess I'll just keep fattening him up until he hits puberty, ha!
  12. Official update as of October 18, 2012. Not much to update yet...but here's what I have so far! Another egg mass as of October 18! Here's the male trying to fit the eggs in his mouth. He didn't seem as interested in them as he was last time though! I'm sure that'll change once he's sexually mature! Here's the male looking at the eggs Here's the egg batch Here he is making faces. :-P And here he is dancing for his woman: Lastly, here's the female saying "take my eggs you baish!"
  13. They don't burrow or sleep together. Although, from what I've researched; the male is suppose to sleep with the female during the night when the magic happens! They have a lot of underground tunnels, so it's kind of difficult to tell when this occurred. Right now, the male is still too young to hold the eggs. He's not even full grown yet!