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  1. Started by looking like mediocre DIY crap (like I'd attempt to pull off) ... Mon/Tues update still looks like mediocre DIY crap ... Wed morning yep, still kinda crappy. Then BOOM! Pure concentrated awesome stylish varnished stand, nested glass "tank" w/hidden support. Absolutely amazing work so far... can't wait to see what you actually put in it! One suggestion - you may want to grab a disc-style/bumper plate free weight for a few bucks from a used sporting goods store & bolt it onto or nest it in the base of the stand. 10-20lbs can make it waaaaay more stable while preserving the look & feel you've got going on there. Did I mention that your build looks stunning?!
  2. Awesome news, all! Thanks for that video, too, Seabass. @SeaFurn Yep, just wat a few weeks and start watching for some of your female anemones to start turning themselves inside out mid-to-late November. Last couple times I've missed the event itself, but found several new anemones around the based of the mothers (maybe about the size of split lentils) when feeding. I suggest target feeding the anemones you suspect to be female a couple times a week with small particulate foods (chopped LRS nano blend, ReefRoids, Hikari cyclops or DrG's decapsulated brine shrimp eggs or even ground-up pellets soaked in tank water).
  3. Second on Seabass's comment - they can and do settle into spots to their detriment. I lose a fair number of baby anemones to the (relatively) large overhang & cave I originally created in my scape to allow shy critters to hide in. they wander in and then get lost. It's a note to fix in my impending upgrade. But as long as yours is keeping decent coloration and its tentacles aren't shrinking into nothing you should be good. Don't stress too much about it - an RFA starving itself can take weeks. Just take as good a picture as you can every few days so that this is visible in its early stages. If you're really, really worried, target feed it a little with a baster every week to ensure it's getting enough nutrition.
  4. Bloomin' Tank of GeNRosity

    Well... ah... here, for starters (I'm too lazy to do much more than slap pics into FM's threads) and over in the "official" Rock Flower Anemone Information and Appreciation thread. Local fish store owner's gotten hooked and is attempting to make one of her next tanks a 3' breeder after I showed her NR's topics on the subject. As of other NR member's tanks? Seafurn's got the start of one. HarryPotter and getmealemon both have tanks crankin' out de bebeh nems and a spectacular variety. TimberC up in Canada I think got started before waay before FlowerMomma and puts just about everyone to shame. OK.. so not quite 6 instigated as I claimed. But so veeeeery close!
  5. That almost looks like bits of PhosGuard (especially since you describe it as floating at times)... are you using the product in your filtration bags/reactors? It could be irritating it.
  6. Will double check when I run the round of weekend testing. But of late my parameters have been hanging around 420ish Ca/8.5-9ish Alk/1400ish Mg (Fritz Pro salt is amazing stuff). That is until the lights & heat were off for 5 days and tank dropped into 69/71F territory. ;( Takeaway is that RFAs largely don't care what they're in to be in the mood for love, so long as the time is right and the water's wet.
  7. Yup. Cloudy tank soup Saturday/Sunday night. I opted to just cut the filters and left the circulation powerhead running. All in all came through the outage well. Only one of my blastomussa mini-colonies is the worse for wear - has had some significant die-back but it looks like there's enough intact polyps left to grow back out again.
  8. Just got everything cleaned up & ship shape again following our 5 day post-Irma power outage... and BOOM! Forgot the fall equinox is just around the corner. But the rock flower anemones haven't, so we'll see what we get in 7-10 weeks. ;-) Important disaster preparedness tip for those of you out there with small tanks - an 18-26AH rated 200+ watt auto power pod/inverter is a godsend. In addition to allowing you to charge personal electronics/get your wifi router back online for work or such it can run a PAR38 reef grade LED fixture for 3-4 hours plus a koralia 285 powerhead for around 14 more. Bonus when you find out that instead of trickle charging it for 12-72 hours off the wall at work you can (carefully!!!) mainline a 70-80% charge into it via leaving it hooked up to a running car's jump connections for 30-odd minutes in the driveway. (stay nearby to supervise & avoid overcharging)
  9. Whole Foods pretty much has a RODI unit (look around the section where they sell the blue BPA-free gallon jugs) in every store I've been to in ATL... even the crappy "destination" stores they plunk down in "Work/Live/Play" communities. I've run my pico shrimp vase and 9 gallon RFA/LPS tank off this for let last year or two with no complaints. It's cheaper for me than buying a quality home unit and each store I've ever used does actually seem to do a great job of maintaining them - never had a detectable TDS reading on any batch so far. But... if I upgrade past about 20 gallons total or had multiple tanks to do water changes on like the OP, I'd really, really consider installing one in a bathroom/kitchen sink or if at all possible laundry/utility closet.
  10. Bloomin' Tank of GeNRosity

    More likely the aiptasia-eating filefish simply regarded them as a gourmet option and did what it does (ate them). Same reason I avoid keeping peppermint shrimp in my RFA tank. Flowermomma tends to have that inspiring (or is it inciting?) effect on people. I can name at least 6 tanks that have breeding populations in them today because of her contributions to his and her own build thread.
  11. Tamberav

    A wonderful read... congrats on such a unique and interesting TOTM!
  12. Tap water.

    If rimless/open put some kind of cover (even plastic wrap will do) over the tank and sump (if you have one). Evaporation will drop to almost nil and as long as you burp it a few times a day for the aforementioned gas exchange you should be golden. Good luck on the storm for you and yours.
  13. Rock flower grow out tank

    That's terrible! You have to be careful of what your CUC is made up of in an RFA breeder tank (wow, and now that's a thing ). Like you, in my case lots of stuff that seemed OK earlier in the tank's life (limpets, cowries, several kinds of asterinas) turned out to be willing & able to consume the smaller baby nems as well once they started to be born. I must've lost 10's+ in the past few months to a year before culling back the problem members. Critters that I've found work well in keeping a growout tanks clean - rock dwelling porcelain crabs (leftover food disposal), conditionally anemone porcelains as well - just make sure you have a few adult anemones present or they WILL pester the smaller juveniles into scooting around to the point of retreating deep into shadow. "Nano conchs" and any variety of banded trochus snails (algae control). Red striped hermit crabs (https://reefguide.org/redstripehermit.html) have been excellent as well for general mop-up of both food and pest hair algae... they're very active scavengers yet pretty peaceful compared to the more common blue-leg or red-leg hermits and stay small. Just have to pick around when your local store gets a large shipment of caribbean hermits to find 'em though, as I don't know of anywhere that lets you specifically order them.
  14. Seabass is right - those aren't rock flower anemones (epicystis crucifer) per se - they seem much more colonial and likely a species that reproduces via splitting given how dense they are on that rock you show. Doesn't look like they're a typical mojano "pest" anemone either given the shape of the tentacles... were it me I'd add them simply because they look so nice & keep them on their own rock "island" to try to corral them. Best bet for finding inexpensive RFAs are flash/live online sales, coral swaps or bulk orders (5/10/15/etc packs) from vendors like VIP. Or if you're especially good at cat herding, try to get your local reef club or favorite store to go in on one such bulk order. In those cases you can get them from about $20-25 apiece. Otherwise you're paying a steep premium for "I can get this exact one, right now" at a local store (which I have also done from time to time )
  15. That is what they'll do. The green/lavender pinstripe one I picked seems to be settling in about where I left it last night. Thanks!