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  1. I already started building it it's hard to explain how I spread them out I'll take a picture of it when I get home from work an you can tell me if it will work in my application
  2. Wouldnt it be better to spread out the gu10s more since the area is 4 ft by 2.6 ft
  3. Anyone think 25 gu10s will be enough
  4. 8 ft frag tank

    So over skimming isn't a bad thing then my LFS might be selling the a skimmer that's rated for like 350 gallons for a good price
  5. 8 ft frag tank

    I have no problem spending alot of money down the line thats why I'm in this hobby what protein skimmer are you going with and what other filtration are you using if you don't mind me asking
  6. 8 ft frag tank

    I'm not relying on just a skimmer I am gonna have a really big refugium what do you mean about the pictures I posted 2 pictures of the tank
  7. 8 ft frag tank

    Any one
  8. 8 ft frag tank

    I just got a 8 wide 4 ft deep 13" tall frag tank it is divided into 3 sections 2.7 ft by 4 ft deep each section I have a tek light under one section and I'm gonna be doing gu 10 under the second one I'm undecided on the third I want to be able to keep any sps and soft corals I wanted to I will be doing a large refugium and I already have the powerheads and heaters and stuff what do you guys reccomend I use as a skimmer I want to spend most of my money on corals so is there any cheap protein skimmer that work really good here is what the tank looked like before I bought it
  9. I just bought a 8ft long by 4ft deep by 13" tall frag tank that is divided into 3 sections each are 4 ft by 2.7 ft by 13 tall I am gonna light one of the sections with my 6 bulb tek light and I wanted to do gu10 on one of the sections how many should I use I was thinking of 15 blue and 10 white will that be good enough to keep sps
  10. Dose a group buy give you discount if so how much
  11. My LFS tanks are also very clean but they have huge sumps that I can't fit I just don't want my tanks to look cloudy anymore
  12. The 8 gallon is upstairs in my brothers room and the 65 is downstairs in my room is a passive gfo like what I was talking about a gravity fed one
  13. The 8 gallon is not near any widows but I'm gonna put a bag of gfo and see if that helps
  14. Do you guys know if I can put the reactor right below my tank to gravity feed the water to it or do I need a pump I'm gonna be ordering the dual reactor
  15. This might sound like a dumb question but how do I put the gfo in my sump and also dose anyone know of a skimmer with a small foot print