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  1. My 5gal Reef

    It's time for a long overdue update. I've gone a little frag crazy. Here's a shot of the tank and equipment FTS
  2. best place to buy corals online

    I've had great success with an order from Vivid Aquariums. The frags were much larger than I anticipated and at a decent price.
  3. Aquaticlife Internal mini skimmer 115

    I've done the air intake mod and it still gurgles pretty loud. I should've left the air tube about 4 feet long and just pointed it away lol.
  4. BoostLED

    Is that a 5gallon tank from Meijer? Mine looks just like yours, and I recently got a par30 from boostLED. I'll post a picture tomorrow.
  5. My 5gal Reef

    More bad news I came home to find my fish had jumped this morning.
  6. My 5gal Reef

    So my Marineland mini light decided it will no longer turn itself on starting today. I just ordered a BoostLED PAR30 kit to replace it. Right now I am using my Fluval 13w cf fuge light that's normally on the refugion over the tank until the PAR gets here. I sure hope my corals don't perish before then.
  7. Aiptasia?

    I used Aiptasia-x and it worked wonders. All the aiptasia melted within seconds.
  8. That's the one! Listen to that recall guys!!!!
  9. I wish I knew this... a few weeks ago my stealth heater in my freshwater tank blew and fried all of my Columbia tetra. Luckily all of my other fish were fine.
  10. My 5gal Reef

    It's a Pseudochromi, which both the orchid dottyback (P. fridmani) and strawberry basslet (P. porphyreus) are. Common names are pretty terrible at times lol. I originally wanted to get an orchid dottyback, but the fish store ran out during their sale.
  11. My 5gal Reef

    I will say though that the nice thing about mounting it that way is that you can just flip up the light when you need access to the tank.
  12. My 5gal Reef

    My ignorance my be showing but what's a cuckoo? Amazon is the cheapest place to buy the light. I'm not entirely happy with it though, the mounting leg is pretty bulky inside the tank.
  13. My 5gal Reef

    I bought the $30 Meijer brand tank with rounded front corners. The light I'm using is a coralife mini that I mounted by using one stand from this. The coralife mini is a good light, but the fit is really awkward. I actually had to buy a second one because I accidentally dunked the first into the tank (oopse). That's also why I bought the mounting leg. The drawback to this setup is that there's no real way to put a cover on it which allows the water to evaporate quickly.
  14. My 5gal Reef

    Thank you! Here's another pic of my Duncan fully opened
  15. My 5gal Reef

    Here's an update on my tank. I completely redid the 'scape and am much happier with it now. mushroom and Duncan corals. I absolutely love my Duncan. cleaner shrimp with Caulastrea My very outgoing strawberry basslet with a feather duster and Caulastrea in the background Here is a full tank shot. You can see where I tried to attach a xenia which floated away never to be found.