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  1. hawkingcolorado

    Spectral X setup

    Hi Guys,Got my 360 X and Spectral X controller, but even with the user guide I am lost. How does the acclimation mode work exactly? If you select it,do you still have to program it? Start and stop times?etc.Also what are "groups" if you only have one light? It says go to dash and select group after you do a program. But when I go to groups, the light just blinks. Totally lost how to use this thing. HELP! thank you,,,,
  2. hawkingcolorado

    Kessil 360x

    What size tank do you have it over?
  3. hawkingcolorado

    Kessil 360x

    You mean the spectral controller? Can Apex fusion control it? Di you have to drill and tap the mounting holes? If so what size, and what size screw?
  4. hawkingcolorado

    Kessil 360x

    Anyone have one yet, or can report on how they work/look?- Thanks
  5. hawkingcolorado

    Adding additional light

    Anyone ever add ...say a Kessil A360 to there existing light setup to get a little more intensity rather than changing lights?
  6. Started adding 1 tsp to a gallon of top off water for my 20g peninsula. Raising PH perfectly(7.8-8.1) , but also raising ALK. Is this normal? DKH is around 10.1-10.3 now.- Thanks
  7. hawkingcolorado

    Korallen-Zucht ZEOvit Nano Thread

  8. hawkingcolorado

    Korallen-Zucht ZEOvit Nano Thread

    Hi All, My Zeo 14 day cycle ended 11/14/18. I'm getting some algae. GHA, green, and brown on glass and sand. Nitrates and Phosphates seem to be zero. I have a small 6 line Wrasse , TS Blenny, cleanup crew, and a couple small monti frags. Normal, or worrisome? My photo period is 9 hrs with LED.
  9. hawkingcolorado

    Smart ATO works great!

    Didn't you find the Tunze noisy compared the smart ATO? I think that tiny pump isn't very kalk friendly
  10. hawkingcolorado

    Smart ATO works great!

    Your smart ATO crapped out?
  11. hawkingcolorado

    Smart ATO works great!

    I replaced my ( failed in less than a week) Tunze Nano ATO with a Smart ato. . The thing is super quiet, works perfectly, and is tiny. Set it up in 5 minutes. Hopefully it has some longevity. But it won't take much to out perform the Tunze garbage.
  12. hawkingcolorado

    PH questions- Help

    Fish are fine- Thanks!
  13. hawkingcolorado

    PH questions- Help

    But dropping to 7.2/7.1 at night?
  14. hawkingcolorado

    Escaping snails

    I have a new cleanup crew also. They are escaping all the time...
  15. hawkingcolorado

    PH questions- Help

    I have a reefglass skimmer that runs on a airpump. Does this factor in at all?