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  1. Why'd my Clownfish die?

    He was small but not tiny, I'd say a bit longer than 1.5 in. He was fed Formula One flakes in the morning and frozen brine in the evening.
  2. Why'd my Clownfish die?

    My clownfish just died an hour ago and I've been trying to determine the cause. I wanted to see what you guys thought about my current "best guess" as to why it happened. So some background, I've had this clownfish for about 4 months now, he recently made a switch from a 10 gallon tank to a 29 gallon tank a month ago. After the move everyone seemed fine (other fish include 1 bangii cardinal and 1 blue yellow tail damsel). Soon I decided I needed a bit more flow to combat some cyano so I purchased a used powerhead from my lfs. A week or so past after the powerhead addition when I noticed my fish were acting strangely. I thought that maybe they had ich or some other illness and started to try and diagnose it. I noticed my new powerhead was leaking voltage into the tank (0.2 volts). After the removal leaking voltage the tank inhabitants seemed to improve however the clownfish still was acting differently than before. Almost 2 weeks after the removal of the leaking voltage, my clownfish died. Is it reasonable to think that the leaking voltage weakened my clownfish resulting in some sort of illness which he ultimately could not recover from? The clown showed no obvious external problems, his breathing did seem heavy at times, especially the morning before his death. He also showed periodic glancing on the sand and what seemed like seizures. These I was concerned with, but with no visible signs I couldn't diagnose a specific illness. Now I need to determine if my other fish are in jeopardy and if I want a replacement clownfish. Tank params: ph=8, ammonia=0, nitrites=0, nitrates<5, don't test anything else. Tank initially filled with tap water and changes performed with RO/DI.
  3. Light Hanging?

    Not speaking from experience here but with 2 the light would swing less if bumped.