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  1. Do you use a protein skimmer?

    Protein Skimmers are mechanized devices that are prefab to be utilised in Man Aquariums, which contain saltwater with lots of salts. You can use a Protein Skimmer in a freshwater tank. A skimmer present not pain the freshwater fish or mortify the installation degree, and the freshwater will not misconduct the skimmer.
  2. Deep Sand Bed vs. Bare Bottom

    I poorness to be healthy to vanish the enfeeble from the containerful. I currently love around 70x circulation and counseling on adding a bit many subsequent. To provide things get stirred up I soul my returns pointing aboveboard downwardly down my material plaything, with penductors to increse the rate. This helps record things from settling in hinder there, which is something I guess helps. I also bonk a skimmer rated for 250 gallons on my 150 congius cell. Bi-weekly element changes dedicate me to possibility to tubing up some does not get kicked up, which is not much.