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  1. Walt's Biocube29

  2. Blood Shrimp Not Molting

    I don't use peroxide for algae control. I use instant ocean reef crystals. My CBS only roams at feeding and at night and everyone pretty much gets out of the way when he's lurking but I've had it for almost two years and have never seen it aggressively pursue anything all over the tank. The PRL does stalk bristle worms and lunges at anyone that passes in front of its whole but I've never seen it pursue anything other than the worms. I'm fairly certain it's molting issue because all three used to molt within days of each other about once a month and like I mentioned the blood shrimp missed the last molt and I could have sworn I was beginning to see coralline beginning to grow in the tail. Is there a test kit for iodine and if so what would be an appropriate level for maintaining invertebrates?
  3. Hermits ripped apart my emerald crab?

    Emerald crab was likely dead. I've personally have had problems keeping emeralds. They only seem to last me a few months. I don't think one has ever molted on my tanks although other inverts do fine.
  4. Blood Shrimp Not Molting

    Hi everyone I seem to be going through blood shrimp about every 7 to 8 months. Just lost one last night and I'm certain it was a molting issue because my purple reef lobster, coral banded shrimp, and blood shrimp all used to molt about once a month within a day or two of each other and the blood shrimp missed the last molt. I also have an emerald crab and four red hermits all of which have been doing fine for over 9 months. Question is if there could be some water issue that only affects blood shrimp and not other inverts or are they just more delicate than others? The tank is a 29 nano about 2 years old. Thanks
  5. Can anyone ID this worm?

    My purple reel lobster snacks on them. I just consider them part of the tank ecosystem.
  6. What are these green hairlike things on frag?

    Just pluck them. I've had 5 or 6 in my tank at any given time. I haven't had any problem with them growing out of control and they tend to disappear on their own.
  7. Very Tiny White Spider Looking Bugs ID

    They are harmless. Some kind of jellyfish. They will disappear eventually
  8. What's crawling on my Ricordia?

    Well I pulled out my Ricordia yesterday and went at it. Was able to remove the six that I've been seeing for a couple of weeks. I believe they were introduced with some lr I brought in not to long ago. Hopefully they didn't get a chance to reproduce. They were the all brown ones.
  9. What's crawling on my Ricordia?

    The color is about right. Are these harmful?
  10. So I've been seeing a couple of caramel colored blotches on my Ricordia. When I moved in with a probe to take a closer look the blotches disappeared. So, these things look like smooth textured caramel colored slugs however are very fast and can apparently see me coming cause they bolt when I get close. They do have any visible eyes or legs. What are these things and will they harm my Ricordia?
  11. Biocube 29 Protien Skimmer

    Ok so I've read a couple posts that on a 29 forget about protein skimmer that water changes will accomplish the same thing. I have the stock Biocube skimmed which as many of you know is quite flimsy. I also suspect it is likely not the most efficient. My question is is it so useless that I should just remove and not have to deal with the salt creap it creates? Does it actually do anything other than noise and make a mess?
  12. Tiny Starfish?

    That's it. Mine are still too small to photograph but they are either those guys or something very similar. Thanks for the info
  13. Tiny Starfish?

    Hi all I'm not including a picture because these critters are between an eighth and three sixteenth of an inch so they won't show up in picture but here's a description: the body is white and a little smaller than a pin head, they have between five to seven uneven length transparent legs. I'm spotting them flat up against the glass. They kind of look like tiny brittle stars. It they are mostly transparent. Thouhts anyone?
  14. Grape Frogspawn, One Head Not Fully Inflating

    I shut pump off and have tried feeding it mysis, brine shrimp, and lobster. I used a dropper and place food near mouth but tentacles didn't react, actually it barfed the last time I tried it. This is the same method I use on my polyps and they always feed. Is it possible that they are just not hungry?
  15. Biocube 29 Refugium

    Hi all I had sponge in chamber 2 during my cycling process and removed it a couple of weeks ago. Tank is approximately 3 months old and was cycled with live sand and 20lbs of live rock. I currently have two fish, a few snails, hermit crabs, shrimp, lobster, yellow and button polyps, mushroom, torch and frogspawn corals. My PH is 8.0 sg 1023 and amonia and nitrites at zero, my nitrates tend to move up to 5 ppm in a week at which time I'm doing a 10% water change. So should I leave chamber 2 empty or should I fill it with LR rubble? Or should I go the chaeto route with a light for the chamber? What I want to accomplish is controlling my nitrates better in the method that will require the least maintenance.