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  1. Radion/SOL Light Shield?

    I think you could go with one of those reflector boxes as well.
  2. Hanna Calcium - **600** WTF?!

    +1 yeah they are really finnicky, wipe the probe down.
  3. MedRed's 60 Gal Solana XL: The End of an Era

    Sweet tank dude! I have a question: Do you have something against putting corals on the sand bed? Because it looks like youre running out of space on the rocks, and in every fts, the sandbed has nothing on it.
  4. GTi's 29 Gallon BioCube

    Lookin good! Love the chalice, it just glows under the leds.
  5. Cape Horn

    Hey DHaut. Are you gonna add more corals to the top of the arch?
  6. Triple SOL 70 gal

    Wow. :bowdown: :bowdown: You bought a pos, took 8 months, and turned it into a sexy sps paradise. Any secrets?
  7. devils 20l-closed.

  8. Double Vortech & Radion 60g Cube

    Im amazed that 34 crees (with a few overdriven) can cover this whole cube!
  9. PJ86's Aqua One Panorama 60

    This is so sweet. The tank looks like a bowfront ADA 60-P IMO!
  10. LED mod for Biocube 8.

    Softies: 6-8 Softies/LPS: 8-10 Softies/LPS/SPS: 10-12 Hope this helps and good luck.
  11. One Hell Of a Swordfish!

    Was it released? If not, what a shame.
  12. Jnam's beta cube .7 gallons...

    sweeeet! will follow. can we get a stocking list?
  13. delete please

    I know your trying to help, but make sure not to kill the sale. On the other hand, I somewhat agree, but people can put whatever price they want.
  14. Ry's ADA 60-F

    Sounds good. +1 to a black out if possible. Will be following closely.
  15. Ry's ADA 60-F

    Are you saying you have: -cyanobacteria -dinoflagellates -film algae -diatom -???????? I can't tell because you didn't say if it was on the rocks or the sand or glass. Is it light brown with bubbles? Is it deep red with bubbles? Is it light yellow with bubbles? could be a diatom bloom. or a cyno bloom. or a dino bloom. Or a combo of all of the evil algae. If you have zero nitrates/trites, zero phosphates, it could be a question of too many hours of light and too little flow? WE NEED PICS!