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  1. Sal have you used Aquamaxx before? I have it was a good skimmer just not as quiet as I expected. How is the reef octopus in the noise department?
  2. Thanks for your input guys. Thanks Sal, those red sea reefers are beautiful and I'm going to go with the 170 or the 250. I will most likely pick up the 250. Also I'll grab those two hanna checkers. Anyone know the sump water height for the red sea line? I need to pick a skimmer, I like Aquamaxx just not sure which one to get for the 250.
  3. Been out for about 5 years and some new tanks have caught my eye. Not sure if I want to go 20 gallons or 120, hahaha I know big dilemma. IM 25 lagoon is sweet just not sure about how shallow it is. Can anyone comment on how much you can crank up an mp10 without blowing all the sand away? How about some aragonite like over 1mm? What other good nano options are out there these days? Anyone use those electronic hanna checkers? They worth the $? Thanks
  4. Acropora1981's 28g Box of Underwater Awesome

    Nice! but... Need more pics!!
  5. Pong's 20L College Reef

    Wow, first time I seen this tank today and I think its beautiful man. I actually just picked up a neon green torch yesterday and its already my favorite coral in the tank. How did you mount the frogspawn to the overflow? Just glue?
  6. Lara's 40B

    Hi, tank looks good! I have a firefish in my tank that is about 12 inches deep with the sand in it and he rarely ventures away from his spot which is middle of the tank about half way up. When he does get scared he darts down under a rock to his den where he sleeps all night. Pretty cool fish once they get used to there surroundings. I have no cover and I'm not to worried about him jumping. I wouldn't get a jawfish though.
  7. Acropora1981's 28g Box of Underwater Awesome

    Same here I like the black back. On my next tank I think I'm going to paint the wall behind the tank instead, some color not sure what.
  8. Acropora1981's 28g Box of Underwater Awesome

    I think the starphire makes the biggest difference in person, everything looks extra crisp. I will never have anything but. So you said 100% so you're not painting the back right?
  9. Acropora1981's 28g Box of Underwater Awesome

    Awesome! Can't wait to see your new tank. Are you gonna add both tanks to 1 or start all new?
  10. Bonk's 39G

    He wasnt up there today and the coral looks just fine. I've been a little pissed off at some of my hermits lately and have considered kicking a few out lol. I have a green nepthea frag that was attaching to a rock and the hermits kept knocking it off. They actually broke it and it floated away and was lost for like a week. When i was cleaning my glass I spotted it and threw it in a plastic cup where its sitting right now.
  11. Bonk's 39G

    Thanks Criley. he's def. not stuck I've moved him about 3 times thinking he was stuck but hes always back in the morning. I don't even mess with him now.
  12. Bonk's 39G

    Thanks Animal wasn't sure about that. This hermit seems to never leave he must go eat at night then climb back up before the lights come on.
  13. Bonk's 39G

    I decided against the wrasses in this tank I think. I'll probably add a Bartlett's Anthias and maybe a small goby and that will be all.
  14. Whatchu look'n @!

    Nice, looks alien.
  15. Its an interspecies affair!

    Even fish get lonely.