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  1. looks like this guy probably rode in on my elegance http://www.thereefuge.com.au/threads/i-f-ing-hate-gall-crabs.9408/
  2. my concern is more since i've pulled 2 out now, how many more are running around in my tank.... zoas are about the only thing that i havent been killing lately so i dont think its a zoa spider.
  3. i would tend to agree but i havent seen it go after brain corals, only a chalice and the galexia.
  4. so i've pulled 2 of these guys out of my tank now, the first i found crawling/munching on a chalice, the second was hiding in the tentacles of my galexia. whitish clear body with neon orange legs(legs floresce under actinics), eight legs like a spider and a flat face that slopes downward. also took a video of the big one moving around in the cup if anyone is interested just cant upload it right this second. I am hoping someone can help me, and I am hoping this isint linked to all my corals that have kicked the bucket recently....
  5. nuvo 8 fuge basket feedback

    hey stevie, just a lil feedback on the nuvo 8 fuge basket, not sure if they recently started gooping them up more but my fuge basket rubs/cuts into the silicone in the baffle chamber, needs to be made 1/16 thinner i think for a good fit, if the silicon wasnt sticking out so much it would be perfect.
  6. FWADiver....avoid this seller

    wow lets anoymously bash me, the skimmer was shipped, box damaged undeliverable, ups returned it to me. I issued the buyer a refund, with holiday travel and whatnot I'm not exactly reading nano reef 24/7 nor did i think to follow up with ups untill the smashed box showed up on my doorstep. This kind of crap is why i rarely if ever am on n-r anymore. So long and thanks for all the fish.
  7. De-Solder LEDs?

    if they are stars or soldered to a heat sink you are going to need a hot air gun or reflow to get them off. A lighter may work, but you might damage them in the process.
  8. Introducing the Reef Breeders Tri-Hybrid, Only $249

    getting any more of these in?
  9. Tiny Slug: good or bad

    could be a stromatella based on the pointy stalks.. i've had them look like that.
  10. Chemistry looks right but tank looks wrong...

    thats alot of kalk for topoff, on my system of roughtly 45 gallons i can only get away with 2 tsp per 5 gallons.. make sure to watch ph and alk swings with kalk
  11. Have my Octopus HOB skimmer for sale, works good, probably needs a soak in vinegar to get rid of the coraline. Asking $75 shipped, priced to sell similar to this model but with a different (older style) surface skimmer and no foam pads (ditched them long ago) http://coralvue.com/bh1000/
  12. LED and Pigment Loss / Bleaching

    the violets arent going to show up on the par meter but put out a ton of par... I have the same problem with my UV super actinic on my t5 fixture, its about the same spectrum, reads about 50 par on the sandbed, but just bleached a spongeodes there
  13. LED and Pigment Loss / Bleaching

    par meter is going to read 20-25% low on leds, if you have 300-400 range its really more like 375-500. that is a crap ton of light for that tank. did you acclimate to the leds?
  14. i use 1lb 7-8oz for my five gallon bucket. which is about 2 cups
  15. Does carbon & GFO remove good trace elements?

    i answered your pm, as far as purigen its a dissolved organic remover, it will not directly remove nitrate but instead removes dissolved organics before they break down to nitrate, in theory anyway. All the things you listed are fundamentally different. ROX is carbon. Chemipure is a mix of various things like carbon, and an ammonia detoxifier., the chemipure elite contains a phosphate remover as well i think. It seems to me like you are trying to fix a water chemistry issue with a filter media, what problem are you having? Typically such media only cover up the underlying problem and you need to address the root cause.