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  1. Nick's new 14g biocube

    My hydor rotator kept falling off too when I first got it. put small piece of electrical tape on the end of it and shoved it back in. Never comes out unless I pull it off. Try.
  2. biocube 29 flow.

    I have a maxijet 900 for return with a Hydor rotator and 2 425 gph koralia Nano powerheads in my 29 Biocube.... but am dropping back to a 240 and a 180 as it is just too much for low flow stuff like duncans and Ricordea that are just getting blasted. Tried using timers but the Nanos stop working sometimes with the timers. I guess it depends on what u plan to keep. My plan has changed plenty since getting the tank. The Tank has changed alot too. Would start differently if I was to do again.
  3. Coral ID Please

    I see. Never had a chalice before. Thought green one was a type of favite. Its the frag that made the ID soo tough
  4. Coral ID Please

    What about the green one? Should the chalice be on the sandbed? Ecoxotic led biocube. Thanks
  5. looseing fight with bryopsis

    Tweezers and patience and a killer cuc took care of my Bryopsis. Scratch the rock at its base to completely remove it. Its never been back. Never dosed a thing for it.
  6. Polyp identification please

    Purple Mat is a dead giveaway. GSP
  7. The Acan Club :P

    Just got my first Acan..... Red and Blue from LFS... $$ Mid level of 29 Biocube with Ecoxotic Pano pros 12K Blue and Blue Magenta.. Swells with feeding and Light... Not as fun to watch as some of the corals but may hav to have more than 3.5 polyps to be hooked....
  8. Ecoxotica LED's

    2 weeks ago I swapped out the PC's in the BioCube 29 for 1 12k/royal Blue and 1 Royal Blue/Magenta Panorama Pro Strips. Left the Moonlights and the fans but the fans are not hooked up to anything. Huge leap in growth since the upgrade. I have the dimmer on the 12k but they both are run 100% during the day. first week was acclimation to the brightness. Colors of the corals is truly impressive compared to the stock PC's. Not sure if i'll add a 3rd strip as everything is do great with 2. No SPS yet though. Very happy with Ecoxotic product so far.
  9. Placing mushrooms

    veil or mesh to hold it in place for awhile until it attaches to the rock you want it on.
  10. Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED Module

    I Just did the Install on this exact combo on My BC 29 YESTERDAY. left the Moons. Fans are still there but not hooked up. 3 way splitter one power one dimmer. May get another supply to run the Blue/Mag seperate. ( Looks Crazy Purple on rock BTW). Will see growth/ live with awhile before considering adding another module. Huge Improvement in the coral colors.... Frogspawn is SOO green w/ Purple tips its crazy. zoa skirts and faces are so much brighter. GSP is GREEN. The shimmer is way more than before... but really so if you have the Hydor rotating return!!
  11. Pics are all gone! I am soo ready to see what my corals look like under these Modules. Doing it Monday with 2 Pros. I agree totally... Buy sweet looking coral and get it home under the PC's and blah is what I see by comparison.
  12. Welcome Back BioCube!

    So it doesn't look as blue as the pics show? I am about to order Panorama Pros from them but am still deciding on Colors. They recommend just 2 Pros for a 29 Biocube as plenty of light.
  13. Id White Critter

    Thanks all. Well it was a short lived one as a maroon leg hermit ate it I guess.
  14. Id White Critter

    This thing was spotted today growing from this peice of Live Rock that has been in the tank for 3 Months. Never seen it before. Its about 1/4 inch long white fuzzy with a hole in the end. Some sort of sponge? Sorry pics arent better but it's the best I could get. Thanks!!