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  1. Locking forward to seeing the lights on the tank. Nice!
  2. DIY CNC Reef 618 Fixture

    Hi, hos is your lightbuild going. Did you get a new lumia chip? I like the lock and dimentions of the asis, wondering If this is the way too go.
  3. UWWMatt's ADA 60-H

    Congratulations! Just finished reading your post, like it.
  4. I did se the video in your first post without sound. With sound i heard that you made it your self, it just makes it more exiting to make something who is more tedious. Just have to find the frame to use so i can get the clean look i want. Thank you.
  5. How did you make the safetynet ontop of your tank? Did you buy it og did you make it? Fishline?
  6. Finished reading your tread. Love the build, very clean.
  7. Yasha's paradise

    Nice Love the colors.
  8. MB's IM Nuvo Nano 8

    Looking forward too the next post!
  9. Jamie's 10 Gallon Nano-Reef

    What's the best with the sexy shrimps, are that they are out in the open all day long. I love my 3.
  10. 2.2gallon 8"x8"x8"

    Almost as big as the glas :lol:
  11. Initial opinion of the DIM4

    What kind of tank are you using the dim4 on? Im building some diy-leds for my Fluval Edge with the Dim4.
  12. DIY Vortech Battery Backup

    Hi Fickle1, im not sure if you should connect 24v to the backup terminal. The vortec backup is 12v so im not sure if the controller will be pleased with that, i dont know if anybody has tried it but it could be expensive if it does not work. Good luck, what ever you deside to try;)
  13. Fluval edge hood

    Hi Kaeon, beautiful tank/mod. How did you make the edges on the hood smooth, 45 degrees? How is the 2g "Edge" going, what's the plans for filtration in the "miniedge".
  14. TR0Ns ZEOvit ..::SouthReef::..

    Nice movie and å even nicer tank;)