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  1. IMG 2632

    currently in grow out, but may have one in a month or so..
  2. IMG 2740

    Nice one benjho, how did yours die? Sorry, already sold this one, have been regretting it ever since...
  3. IMG 2324

  4. IMG 2632

  5. IMG 2671

  6. IMG 2740

  7. Breakin Newz Selling/Trading/Buying feeback!

    Perfect transaction, very good packaging. Will buy from him again. Thanks.
  8. Tim, sent you a pm, please let me know.
  9. Bulk reef Supply Group Buy

    count me in
  10. Selling all Z's and P's

    pm sent
  11. It's down to two choices!

    I usually look for the worst con when I am in similar situation. Pro everyone is happy about but can you live with the con is the question. From your list, it looks like Elos is a smaller size and custom will cost you some more money (stand, drilling, new light maybe). Size is a long term effect, cost is a one time issue. So, is the additional 10-12 gallons worth the extra money? I may have over simplified things quite a bit, other factors such as why you are downgrading, what is your plan for the new tank, easy of maintenance, etc all come into the decision making process. However, base on the info you provided, this is how I would break it down if I am in this situation. With that said, Elos is a very nice tank, I am considering one myself
  12. Yes, the "w" makes it the wireless version that can sync. Will update the subject to make it clear.
  13. Thanks for the bump. Not sure how it works in Canada, but in US, stores are bounded by MAP of $285. No store can sell below that price unless there is some under the table deal which I can't comment on. I agree people are looking for cheaper price in classified and under normal circumstance, my price is cheaper
  14. Bulk Reef Supply Group Buy

    Count me in...