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  1. is the tape over the shipping label? if so, i'd say it was fedex that did it and taped it up so it wouldn't get salt everywhere....i deal with UPS and fedex every single day...the delivery guys are always great and always complain about how bad the distribution centers are...i'd call DFS and tell them and see if they will handle it for you and i'm sure they will.
  2. jcastle's picotope

    i'm letting it go for now just to see what happens....only topping off, no water changes or heavy filter cleaning...should be interesting....i've still been putting in bubble algae and it's not growing lol i might go get some nasty live rock and see what happens
  3. Mr. Castle's amazing 20 long!

    I'm with you on that. i like the floridas better then yumas. and that superman came from mr.coral....actually a lot of it did haha but the best pieces i have came from the LFS's I find gems at the stores sometimes and i jump on it lol one has a green birdsnest that i'd love to have but i don't know if it would do well in my tank since all but two of the 6 SPS i've had have survived...and not very good lol
  4. jcastle's picotope

    photo update. not much going on in this one white hair growing everywhere. don't know what it is
  5. Mr. Castle's amazing 20 long!

    some pictures for you! feel free to comment, even if you hate it FTS Left side right side Surprise mushroom Not very colorful SPS with hair lol SPS that is encrusting the plug, idk what it is these two are pretty much dead i forget what this one is exactly but i think its a superman mushroom sorry for the blurryness and bad photography. i used my phone...i don't have a nice camera what do you think?
  6. Islandoftiki's Mantis/Pest Tank Pico Contest Winner!

    Looks great man! This contest is bringing forth some really amazing tanks. who would have thought that you could make a pest tank so great? lol keep up the good work!
  7. jcastle's picotope

    Tiki! you are right i need to get a pic of this tank on here. there are a lot of strange things going on and it looks pretty cool! i'll try and remember to get a shot of it tomorrow
  8. Mr. Castle's amazing 20 long!

    Emerald crabs have been doing a little bit of work with the bubble algae but i'm worried it might be growing faster then they are eating it....otherwise everything looks great and most of the coral is growing a lot and very colorful. I'm not doing too well with my SPS. i have 4 SPS in there now and two of them are pretty much dead. one is alive and looks fine but it's not very colorful and the other one is a white color, always has been, and it appears to be encrusting the plug and has little arms popping out so i'm happy with that one. my red mushroom has turned itself into 4 mushies! i'm very happy about that as well as my green striped mushroom has put out another and i discovered that a mushroom that i thought was lost in the tank found a spot and it doing great...not in a good visible spot but it looks nice. Hammer and frogspawn are doing wonderful! and i lost one of the green chromis. don't know where i want to put the hammer for its final spot but i kinda like it in the sand where it is so maybe i'll leave it there. AND....there are zoas EVERYWHERE and it's amazing haha
  9. rapid led bulbs are great imo i have 3 of them lol
  10. Nano-Reef Convention 2012

    at work and about to leave and go take the boat out with some friends and go tubing! i love summer haha
  11. Nano-Reef Convention 2012

    this thread just keeps getting better and better hahahaha
  12. Nano-Reef Convention 2012

    No one backs baby into a corner.....funny cause my name is jon (johnny) castle HAHA!
  13. Nano-Reef Convention 2012

    I do what i can Don't be hatin
  14. Nano-Reef Convention 2012

    i think I trust Mr.A's decision making. No panel necessary