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  1. Frags Forsale

    Where in MA, local pick up/meet avail?
  2. Cheapest place to get live rock

    i dont trust "live rock" from anywhere. if you already have rock in your tank, order dry rock from marcorocks, rinse it and add it to your tank. its like 3$ a lb and shipped. not only that, you dont have to worry about nasty hitch hikers
  3. NO POWER!

    Take some of your tank water, put it into a bucket and stir rigorously, pour it back into your tank but dont disturb the sand bed. should help with some oxygen
  4. Did a HUGE fragging today

    Were you the guy that had the unconventional lighting set up? and by that i mean the wild led set up from china? if so i would love the details on it.....
  5. Did a HUGE fragging today

    The hunt continues......
  6. Did a HUGE fragging today

    how many frags or red planet do you think you will be bringing (not looking for an exact #). Its a piece i have been waiting to get for over a year now and my LFS wants 90 beans a frag.
  7. Who is going to the CT Frag Farmers Market?

    I'll be down looking for some SPS. Red Planet is for sure on my "bucket list"
  8. Dosing Corals

    if your not 100% sure that your cycled i would say that your not infact cycled. slow down, take your time.
  9. Dosing Corals

    the tank has only been up for 38 days.....what condition was the rock in (live from a known running tank, dry, dead)? SLOW is the key to this hobby. i have only been doing it for 2 years but have never dosed any chemical. did your tank fully cycle yet?
  10. Selling/Donate back to fish store

    My LFS loves it when i bring frags in. He actually asks me to. Then again, it is a small store with only the owner and his dad being the employees. works out great for me, havent paid cash for anything in months....
  11. My mummy

    i got a candy cane coral for about 5$ from my LFS with maybe 10 heads, all almost dead. i traded 18 HUGE puffy heads back into the same LFS 6 months later and he couldnt believe it. I'm back to 9 heads. i love getting discount frags that were poorly taken care of.
  12. green birdsnest?

    are you rinsing the mysis cube before you add the cube? also, why are you adding so much? i have 105 total gallons and i don't add that much. there is some nasty stuff that gets frozen in with the shrimp.
  13. blown out of proportion

    maybe someone can pay some student loans for me too. Only if your bank account is crowded that is