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  1. Algae ID

    Does not blow off, but I can vacuum it off very easily. It comes off in chunks.
  2. Algae ID

    I have this light red/brown algae that seems to spread on power heads, rocks and glass. It is slimy to the touch, and almost looks like little bumps/balls of algae. It grows pretty rapidly.
  3. Tank photos! 16g Cadlights

    Just to clarify, it is an 18g Cadlights. The scape is a little of a pain on the sides. I have had the skimmer for a few years and it has been great!
  4. I have had my tank tank setup for a number of years, just never shared it! -16 Gallon Cadlights -Kessil 150 -Aquamaxx Skimmer -MP10w -Chemipure
  5. I am trying to buy an InTank media basket for my Cadlights 18. InTank isn't planning on making one so I hope that I can find one that will fit for another tank. Dims are: 4.5" x 2 5/8" x 12 Can any one chime in on the sizes of their chambers, I can't find anything on inTank's site. Thanks!
  6. Crazy Alkalinity Results

    So I have a cycling tank (getting back into the hobby) that I am trying to figure out some parameters. One in particular is Alkalinity, having some strange results. I am testing two salts and two sources for water. Salt: Seachem Salinity Instant Ocean Water: RO from work (DPI)- High output RO system with roughly 200 gallon pressurized storage tank. 2 pre-filters. System by Culligan for a production print facility. RO DI from Target Results in KH value in dKH DPI NO salt = .3 (Basically one drop of reagent) RO-DI NO salt = 9.6 DPI RO + Salinity = 16+ RO-DI + Salinity = 16+ DPI RO + Instant Ocean = 4.5 RO-DI + Instant Ocean = 10.7 Salifert ALK test Exp 5/12 Trying to figure out if this is a Seachem Salinity issue? I can deal with the lower Instant ocean Alk with 2 part dosing, but the extreme high from Salinity is troubling. Any input?
  7. New Tank!

    The tank is well done and shipping protection was top notch. They actually encased the inner box with MDF plywood on all 6 sides. I did have some issues with communication with Cadlights regarding when items shipped, if they shipped and getting tracking numbers was like pulling teeth.
  8. New Tank!

    I'll add a few fish, probably a clown for my son and something blue w/ yellow to trick him into thinking it is a regal tang! I hoping for lots of SPS and other coral!
  9. New Tank!

    Here are some pictures! Tank is looking great already!
  10. New Tank!

    Been away from the hobby for a few years, and now that we are settled into a new home I am going to start again! Been doing tanks for 10+ years and ready to have fun again! Here is what is coming next week! -18g Starfire Cube AIO from Cadlights -Pottery Barn End table as a stand to match our other furniture and to be at the a great height for my 2 year old. -Cadlights Skimmer -Kessil A150w LED w Gooseneck -Hydor Oscillator return Plans (Obviously over time): -Live Sand -Real Reef Live rock -SPS -Clam -Zoas & Mushrooms -LPS -MP10 -RO water from work for top off and mix
  11. Just ordered a Cadlights Starfire 18 gallon AIO. I want to keep LPS, SPS and a clam. Looking at a few options for lighting and wanted to get some feedback. The tank is roughly a 16" cube. 1. Par38 bulb, 5 LEDS. 2. Kessil A150w 3. ? Not looking for a DIY, want to have a nice, clean looking system. Thanks!