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    Top Par38 Bulb For Price?

    Id love to be a sponser, however why should I pay Mark to advertise when I simply keep getting banned over and over, all because some other Par38 seller bitches about me being here at all? Like really? Dont worrie guys/gals Ill be bannad shortly again.Probable cause for the 5th time another sponer on here keeps emailing the owner and then emails me with threats and rudeness and so on.I dont really like these types of emails from sponsers. So long story short. I was willing to pay to be a sponser. But the owner + a special sponser decided its better to ban me from NR. Anytime. Im always avalable to assist people with lighting questions.
  2. boxboy

    Top Par38 Bulb For Price?

    20g long = 220g high = 1 Sorry, mis read the post.True Spec = Best colors and ratio on the market for par38s.has all the colors required for real coral growth.
  3. boxboy

    Top Par38 Bulb For Price?

    Id say add Bright Aquatics to the list since its a great bulb also. Lets remind people they are the ONLY place that makes True Spectrum leds. Highest Quality Parts Dimmable Amazing color Best color ratios Sweet prices, in fact Tax is always incl in price Guess what? The true spectrum has proven that it grows corals better than all other par38s/30s on the market. By the way, I keep getting Banned from NR for telling people the truth. That there is better options out their for better prices, if you really look and care about what you use in your setups. Sooo, when this post gets removed and I get banned yet again. Remember this, Why are all of you nice people being deprived of knowing some simple facts? Sorry ive pissed some people off here over this, but the truth would not hurt if it wasent the truth to begin with. Hope yall had fun reading and make some educated choices Sincerly, Always Banned!
  4. boxboy

    DIY cooling devices on an Aquabella Wallmount

    Ive got that same peltier from ebay, was planning to diy an Iceprobe. Best I was able to figure is that the peltier needs active cooling on one side of the device as it will get crazy hot and the other frezzing cold, so may crack/break thin glass or even thick glass. Never tried this. Perhaps use the peltier on a cpu or heatsink block attach a PC fan and use some type of ceramic prob of sorts. Unless some other material would be a better? Anyways Ill keep checkin back, wanna see how this progress
  5. boxboy

    TheDoogan's Shallow Rimless Reef

    The best build ive seen an a long time, great job! Make sure you keep photo updates alive!
  6. boxboy

    How do you clean your filter sock?

    Washing Machine! Works every time! But can get costly.
  7. Yes, then I must aggree that there is not many full size fixtures that qualify as full spectrum, and even less big box companies using NW leds. some larger compaines are starting to see the light lol but still a while to wait. Till then DIY all the way. Enless your able to find somone or company that will custom a fixture just for you and not charge your a crazy amount! Whats excatly are people looking for in terms of full spec or half spec pre-built fixtures? I know with all the crazy gizmoes out there that some DIY are just amazing.
  8. boxboy

    How large can I go without a sump?

    review my sump thread Ill post the link in a min here. http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...=286297&hl=
  9. boxboy


    Awww noo wayyy Im so sorry this happened. Your Aquarium was beautiful! Hope to see you around again some time Josiah
  10. Does this not count for "Full Spectrum" Or better? and not DIY! Epistar LED Chips 2x 4500k Neutral White 4x 455nm Royal Blue 2x 470nm Cool Blue 1x 495nm Turquoise 1x 660nm Deep Red 2x 410nm Pure Violet --> Looking into getting that 3w dual 410nm/420nm voilet! same as the maxspect. Dimmable – Yes Maybe Jedi can comment on this?
  11. Great Post Jedi Thanks for taking the time to share your research Ive always took, valued and used your suggestions seroiusly! The importance of using cool blue,violet,red,netural white,cyan and royal blues should not be under estmated
  12. boxboy

    Dont call it a comeback....8g CADLIGHTS

    Your scape looks nice! Stocking plans?
  13. Any thoughts on using this type of overflow?
  14. PVC inside Diameter = Gallons per hour * 0.5" = 90gph * 0.75" = 220gph * 1.0 = 375gph. (Eco 396 ghp return pump) * 1.25 = 580gph * 1.5" = 840gph (my hole Overflow size) * 2.0" = 1500gph Here is the questions: Im making herbi style overflow for my 24x14x16" tank, holes are already drilled as described above! The return pump hase 40" of head to overcome before it reaches the bottom of the tank (yup its a tall stand). I just require some helpful advice so I dont flood myself! Will this work? Im I set up to flood myself?