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  1. FS: rare Corals

    Ill take twenty
  2. just a suggestion, i highly reccomend posting pics. i guarantee instant reactions
  3. Phantasma

    Sounds like a nice and reasonable to place shop at
  4. Reef freebies

    lemme send you my rimless 120 i have laying round
  5. SpectraPure MPDI

    I would also like to know more about this deal. If I could get a few personal reccomendations, experiences, things to look out for, etc. I could finally start the hobby! lol. I hope this thread gets some traffic, I don't want to hear answers a week after they sell out
  6. East1's 7G Truly Mixed Reef

    Beautiful tank man, any updates?
  7. Stagger the pieces on the right, you don't want it to look all geometrically identical. And I agree, the left side is perfect.
  8. Best Avatars on N-R?

    What, no-one likes tactical potatoes?
  9. haha nice. Just tell her what happens to people that mess with you tanks
  10. Project100 - Rimless Bathtub -

    Just read the whole thread. Amazing build dude, I've never seen DIY stuff this good. I really hope your tank see's progress instead of problems haha
  11. diy led optics

    Im no saltwater expert, but in terms of light blending, as long as you have the fixture suspended (which looks nicer anyways) or have the LED's grouped tighter then there should be little to no spotlighting.
  12. DIY LED Question

    Hey guys, I've been looking into starting up a 10 Gallon AIO reef and had a few questions regarding LED's. I understand the wiring of the LEDs but I'm not to sure what type of switch I'm supposed to get. Do i have to look for specific kinds of switches? And since placing it between the wall outlet and the driver is the most efficient placement, does it need to be a special switch to handle the 120V current passing through? I don't plan on having it be dimmable as I would prefer for it be as simple as possible. It'll be 6 Cree XP-E Royal Blues and 6 Cree XR-E Cool Whites running off a meanwell driver at 700ma. I'm not too sure, but since both operate at a maximum of 1amp, can i just run them off the same driver? I'm not interested in being able to control the 2 individually, but if I have to then I guess it's fine.
  13. Any updates? I've never seen a 115 long before
  14. LED lighting and other equipment for 5 Gallon

    haahhaahaa XD. Im sorry, that just made me laugh