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  2. My anemone in the 3rd month. Tomato Clown feeds and cleans the anemone.
  3. It wasn't my idea to change it. I was perfectly happy with wellsophylia. I wrote a letter of complaint to the guys who changed it but they refused to change it back. They told me to go to hell.
  4. The extra light was for the anemone. I've had him 3 months now and he's getting bigger, but not much darker. We'll see if the extra light does anything.
  5. Shows only the LED on. The 4 stock T5 bulbs off.
  6. Added 2 small fans to the aquaticlife enclosure... too many fans. I could have done with one.
  7. I added a very large heatsink, expecting very high heat output from the LED. This is way overkill on the cooling. I have a 3.5" high, 3.5" wide aluminum heatsink over the bulb. The heatsink is always cool to the touch, even after hours of running. Two side mounted fans blow air out of the entire enclosure.
  8. Shows 20W LED cut into the reflector. I had very little space to add anything so I went with a single highpower led. Epileds 20W, 16000K, running 11V, 2000 mA
  9. Shows the back of the unit - Black wire powers the fans, black/red powers the LED, green is temperature sensor LED shutoff.
  10. Brown acropora - I put it green and it went brown. Polyps are nicely extended - but coloration needs some work.
  11. This is my 29G refugium. 5" DSB, 2" fine sand, 3" coarse sand bottom. Growing Chaeto, mermans' brush, small feather caulerpa, halimeda. I took this photo about a week after adding the halimeda. It experienced some die-off of the older branches (white branches). New branches of halimeda have sprouted from the bottom. Critters in the fuge... Coral shrimp, sea cucumber (holothuria edulis), strawberry conch, 2 or 3 bumble bee snails, 3 or 4 red legged hermit crabs.