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  1. Need help connecting Apex to network

    When you connect to it what port are you using? The default is 80. Type in your browser. If not can you ping from the pc you are trying to connect from? (start>cmd>ping
  2. Octopus walking on land

    I did a quick search on here. I didn't see any posts about it, so I thought I would share.
  3. Octopus walking on land

    Anyone else check out this video yet of an Octopus coming out at a beach and walking around then getting back in the water. Make sure you stay tuned to see where he drops the crab he was holding the hole time. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=887_1352719840
  4. Nikon D3100 Package

    +100 I recently have had great purchasing experiences with cameta. I even bought the my 3100 from them. There are a few more features that the 5100 has that now I wish I had. Especially the ability to use this http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Nikon+-+WU-1A+...p;skuId=5471037 to connect to my ipad/laptop for instant viewing.
  5. Aueon Evolve 8 Nano Reef

    I cut down a glass top to cover 75% of it. Now it has a hinge and works great.
  6. Aueon Evolve 8 Nano Reef

    I'm surprised you haven't tossed that top yet. I must have dropped mine in the tank a 100 times. I couldn't stand it. Mine lasted a week before I replaced it.
  7. Aueon Evolve 8 Nano Reef

    I wouldn't worry too much about the Nano240 I put a Nano425 in mine along with the upgrade return and Hydor revolver. After the initial shock all my inhabitants eventually got used to it. I put it on a timer for the first few days on and off every hour or two so everyone could get used to it.
  8. What is this on Zoa Frag...apastaia?

    Put it in a cup of tank water to isolate it. Shoot some Joe's Juice(if you can find it) or AiptasiaX with the included Syringe. It's actually kind of fun*. Rinse it off with some more tank water and place it back in your tank.
  9. Unbelievable price

    and if it dies you're -9,999.00.
  10. Let's try and Find a Solution for Red Slime

    I started my tank with 2 Packaged Nutri Seawater 4.4 containers. Then I cleaned them out and re-purposed them for my reserves. I use one for freshwater and one for premixing my water change saltwater. I buy the Purple/Pink capped Distilled water from Wal-Mart at .88 gallon. The label says it is Steam Distillation , microfiltration, ozonation. Hope that helps.
  11. Let's try and Find a Solution for Red Slime

    I use only Distilled water in my AIO Evolve 8 and only had a cyano outbreak after my second month or so. I cut my light cycle in half. Then I used a turkey baster to suck out the red goo every day . I would end up with about 4 Red Plastic Cups(beer pong type) of water and goo each day. Then I would replace with new saltwater. I did this for less than a week and forced myself to feed the tank less ever since. So essentially my solution was: A week of: Removing Goo Small daily water changes less light less feeding The Cyano never returned.
  12. Newb here. just some pics

    You put all that in a tank in a week, and without a test kit?
  13. Nice, simple, and to the point with those pics. Looks like its works well for your needs.
  14. Thanks! Do you have any pictures of your setup? I would be interested in seeing them as I will be setting up a 40+ gallon probably after the holiday madness. When I do setup the larger tank, I was thinking of doing the same, using it as a frag tank. I cleaned up the setup a little bit this weekend and moved a few things around for another coral. Not sure what to add but it is going to have to up on the pile near the top. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good low maintenance coral that can sit up close to the lights? It will also be pretty close to my Hydor Flo Rotator. I was thinking maybe a Frogspawn, however I wanted to get some color in there other than green.