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  1. 5.5 System take down Now $40 and will ship!

    Pic and will u ship to ny

    Ill be pming u about 40
  3. 3/4 gallon pico reef

    Almost 1month since I add a few corals is still up and running great some coral growth pics the am
  4. Par30 or coralife mini for 2 gallon?

    Coralife mini best light the par30 is nice but there is some thing about the coralife makes them pop I have both
  5. 5 gallon octo tank

    Sry abouy the name and ill be breeding roti and baby brine out of a 2 liter cut the bottom off at the label burn 2 small holes run wire for bubbler and place control knob to adjust air flow and start the breeding and of corse supply some food for them algle
  6. 5 gallon octo tank

    Some more pics of the tank Another And another
  7. 5 gallon octo tank

    Opps I mean octa tank I will get some full tank shots in a lil bit and temp is at 73 and holding
  8. 5 gallon octo tank

    People must not like this or dont have any advice
  9. 5 gallon octo tank

    A intro to the tank posssbly a dwarf sea horse tank Whats in the tank 5 lb of black reef sand 5 lb of semi live rock Modded ac 30 for more flow I have a boostled lamp for the setup just need to mod a little more befor i can use it lol
  10. Remove take gone with coralite mini t5
  11. Dead Live Rock/// Sand

    Any cool rock peices
  12. Changing the frame on a 55 gallon

    I was going to do a step by step but my pc wont let me load pics.i think I need crop the pics
  13. Changing the frame on a 55 gallon

    Im going to replace the rim around the top due to one being broke
  14. Marineland LEDs

    No good for coral mushrooms and zoa do good but will have to be near the top
  15. My little 5.5 and 10 gal AIO

    That hammer is awesome was it hard making the,aio for your 10 gallon I thinking about making one for my 5.5 gallon I was getting board with my mated pair of clown fish so I sold them and now I want to do sea horse