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  1. yes
  2. Reefer Night Shot
  3. Wow that's a promising sign for it to be growing back.
  4. Any updates?
  5. IMO it looks from lack of lighting as long as the water params are good. I rescued a nem from another hobbyists a little while ago and it went the farthest away from my radion xr30 that it could of possible done. The photos above seem to picture the process of how mine died. However my two other rbta are healthy under the radion....Hope this helps.
  6. Welcome to the reefer club
  7. Current Tank Red Sea Reefer 250 FTS: 5/26/16
  8. Not more of a hassle you just need someone to help move it with you. I moved it myself but I wouldn't suggest that.
  9. I would do the 250 IMO. My 170 is for sale if your local around PA but I see your in CA!
  10. Had one of my birdsnest drop and a limb went into one of my rbta. Got home and saw it and was freaking. Luckily no damage. Some crawl but try to get a tank split. Have had poor luck with ocean nems. Tank splits seem to be calmer.
  11. Thats what I have. Works well.
  12. Awesome light. free bump.
  13. Update. Kessil was sold about two weeks ago. tank is still for sale. Bump.
  14. QT with copper or CP