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  1. So I went home for Christmas and my reef keeper decided to stop working, wouldn't read the temp or the water level. So the Heater and ATO never came on. I had turned my apartment heat down to 60. I came home to the smell of death, my tank was 60 degrees and missing 5 gallons of water. Lost all of my livestock, even macro algae. So I cleaned and cooked my rock for a few months while i was in the hospital for 28 and recovering for the next 28 or so. Got new live stock and going to do a softies tank this time. Got the reefkeeper all setup and some livestock. Guess what the reefkeeper started crashing on its own. Tank got down to 70 but thankfully nothing died. I decided not to trust it with anything but the lights. I add water on my own and the heater is plugged into the wall. I have 2 thermometers to check. Should I just got low tech or save my pennies and buy an apex? I dumped atleast 750 into the reefkeeper and am ready to give up on it. But 550 for the base model is alot to spend. Low tech doesnt seem to bad. I might be able to sell some of the modules and get some of that back.
  2. I would like to add that not all putty is safe. Some putty says its ok to use in water but NOT for potable water/aquariums.