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  1. Nate's 7.5g Mr. Aqua Cube

    Awesome!!! Is the flow enough with the Quiet One 1200? You have an amazing tank and will be following this! Thanks, JD
  2. Nate's 7.5g Mr. Aqua Cube

    I really like your build!!!! Looks sick! My questions: Is that the PF-nano overflow? Mag drive 5 seems like a huge pump for the gph rated if it is the above overflow...do you find the return pump is too much for the overflow to keep up? --- the reason I ask is cause I was told by eshopps to buy the mag 1.9 but it seemed way too under powered. ------insight would be great!!! Thanks and keep up the good work! JD
  3. 29g Biocube LED layout

    did you end up completing this? Looks like a great design...seems like a lot of light though. How many drivers does this require for you?
  4. My 10 Gallon Nano Reef Build

    What did you make that overflow out of and where did you get the materials? Thanks, JD
  5. RapidLED

    I just got my 12LED dimmable kit put together. I must say, this is very high quality stuff. Their customer service is one to be modeled after. I have a faulty driver which was replaced (at my door) within 2 days. They provided a label for return shipping for the faulty driver. I will definitely purchase from them again. If you are thinking of switching to LEDs, I would highly recommend purchasing from this company and building yourself! Fiver Star!!!!
  6. Ultimate Vortech Thread!

    Just ordered my MP10ES. Very excited about it. Going on a standard 10 gallon with aquafuge. Currently have not been using a powerhead YIKES i know. Let you know how it goes.