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  1. Just started a 10g of my own a couple months back. Went with the hipargero 30w light. I run it below 50% intensity, as it can put out upwards of 300par in a shallow tank like a 10g. I also considered a PAR38 bulb. In the end, I wish I bought the Current orbit fixture, for reasons of controllability. When your light only has manual intensity control, its hard to run it for more than 6hrs or so without getting algae issues from what ive seen. Also, if you wish to keep a simple tank, I highly reccomend reading through the first couple of pages of these threads:
  2. Thekingofdiy (AKA joey) made a video on it a few weeks back, but im not sure its viable as a reef system. Youd be dealing with massive swings in salinity, even within the envelope of an ATO.
  3. Im not sure about shipping (upon checking, it appears shipping is free), but at 80$, the waterbox 4g seems like a hell of a deal with starphire glass and an included pump. Super tempting actually lol... Also, consider the spec III. Im not sure if they make it with the new lighting, but if they do, it should be good for a softie tank out of the box. What is the space you are working with here? If you can get some measurements we should be able to find a system that slots right in; there are qute a few options in the AIO arena.
  4. Yep, to me, it really becomes apparent that you have created a functioning ecosystem when you remove the filter and nothing really cares. I think we are about to see a wave of simplified tanks as people realize that you dont need to spend a thousand dollars on equipment to keep a reef.
  5. Oh man, I hate to see someone lose pets. Its really a terrible feeling. Just know that you gave them the best life imaginable! The tank is looking great. You even inspired me to go filterless, but I was scared back into using an HOB due to my Caulerpa Ashmeadii having an unexpected sexual reproduction event. Im convinced water changes, flow and light are all you need for a successful tank like this one though, and I intend on removing the hob once things stabilize again.
  6. They appeared to be tiny little brittles. Yea, I will be making another order from them at some point, I was really impressed. Want to try KPA next though, I hear they like to send freebies.
  7. Yea, i may go diy ato as well, once i move my tank into a 20 long, it will be on a wire rack with a perfect spot for a resevoir. Totally jealous of your job too! Tegus are awesome! Firefish are really pretty. They look like theyre made out of candy or something. Moto Moto looks great!
  8. So, bit of an emergency at the moment: my caulerpa has gone sexual overnight. I noticed some bits of the caulerpa had lost color, but it was my understanding that Ashmeadii didnt go sexual like prolifera and other caulerpas. Dumb mistake, shouldve pulled it immediately upon seeing color loss. Lesson learned. The tank currently looks like pea soup, and of course this happens the day after i decide to remove my mechanical filtration. Headed off for an emergency distilled water run, i wonder if ive paid for an rodi unit worth of distilled at this point between this 10 and my fw tanks.
  9. Yea I didnt realize how much of the macros they were going to send. Im planning on moving all this stuff into a 20L because i just need more space, plus Id like to have a nice area of open sand. I highly recommend Gulf Coast Ecosystems though, great prices on the rics and they also have wild zoa colonies (6$) and RFAs (8 or 15$ depending on color).
  10. Perfect fit on that lid! There was a smart micro ato for sale in the marketplace here for 60$ and im totally kicking myself for not jumping on it when i had the chance. Really starting to enjoy my 10 now that its fairly well stocked. Cant wait to see where you go with yours. Also, not sure if i said this yet, but im totally envious of your scape.
  11. Big update. The order from GCE is in! I only have this pic of the unboxing/acclimation process because I was at work when the package was delivered, and I didnt know how long it had been sitting, so I wanted to get the stuff in ASAP. Everything came in looking amazing, aside from the Halimeda, which has since colored up quite a bit in the tank, this was expected. Im very pleased with my order overall, and I would reccomend GCE to everyone. Lots of really cool hitchhikers, including a few paly/zoa polyps on a piece of halimeda and an array of tiny starfish. Current fts: The gorgs, full polyp extension from all of them minutes after being in the tank (they were even extended in their bags!). The thick one with big polyps did not like being exposed to air.: The rics (small, but to be fair, they were 4$ a piece and they were advertised as 1" polyps. I will likely be making an order from KPA for some more rics and other corallimorphs at some point.): Hitchhiker polyps, there are several more than the one visible here: So, I just kinda got everything in there for now, I still want to move some stuff around; It isnt exactly a careful aquascape. Im considering upgrading this tank to a 20L, as a buddy has been eyeing my freshwater setup and Id like to focus my efforts on one ecosystem for now. This order of livestock has filled up this tank quite a bit, and it is only a fraction of what I want to keep, so I feel like i need the extra space. Also thinking about going filterless a la WVreefer's 12g long, I ordered two of the new powerheads in the event I end up doing this.
  12. I want to wait and see if it comes back before i glue it, but yea, i shouldve had it glued in the first place. Some really cool inspiration I found, worth a watch if you are into the whole gorgonian/macro/soft coral thing:
  13. Im like, 120mi from their facility, so i should be in pretty good shape. Thought about making a day trip out of it but id end up spending way more on gas. I imagine they wouldnt reccomend priority if they didnt have success with it across the country though. Also, for anyone wondering why i didnt go with direct pick up from kpa like i had planned, it turns out that their facilities are in tavernier, about half way down the keys. I misread their site, which says they ship airfreight from ft lauderdale, thinking thats where they were actually located. I wouldve ordered from them, but they require 40$ overnight on gorgonians (not corals and some shrimp though, strangely) and their prices were a bit higher. Update on the tank: A snail knocked my acan out of the rock and it landed upside down at some point during my 4 day absence. Not sure how long it was there but its looking pretty rough rn, showing quite a bit of skeleton. Got a replacement powerhead.
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