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  1. jbowser

    Calling all wartskin owners!

    So why shouldn't we feed guppy's? and why can we feed molly's? Given the fact that both those fish breed like crazy, one could setup a simple supply of life food, right? I'm asking because chromis and damsel are more expensive where I live... Jb
  2. jbowser

    Arthur's Nano Reef Tank: Simplicity

    How are you liking the t5 lighting? I'm considering setting a 60cm tank up and having a hard timing deciding on t5 or led... Ohh I think you have a 17,5g not a 15g I'm also wondering how your small school of chromis is doing? I've heard that they tend to kill each other if the tank is too small! I was thinking either 3 or 4 chromis or a pair of clownfish for my own tank. Jb
  3. jbowser

    10 gallon all in one, brainstorming

    ATS = Algea Turf Scrubber, but I guess you already found that out I guess you could use a ats instead of a fuge with cheato, not sure though... But you will have to do some research if you want to try it! And March the first a new design will be revealed! Supposedly a lot better and simpler! Personally I dont like the look of a rock wall (I like open reefs) Jb
  4. jbowser

    10 gallon all in one, brainstorming

    Maybe you could look into building a build-in ATS? I'm considering to upgrade my 5,5 to a 10 with just an ATS filtration. Also to try the concept (altough they discourage beginners to try it!) Jb
  5. jbowser

    NanoTopia's ZEOvit 80L [ ]

    This tank is amazing! I'm inspired by your school of chromis, considering doing something similar with my larger tank. Do you think 20g is enough for 6 chromis? A vid would be cool too! Jb
  6. jbowser

    Arthur's Nano Reef Tank: Simplicity

    Really nice start! I'm really diggin a clean and simple sumpless nano, I might just convert my 13g (60x30x30) aquarium this way! How is that stand holding up? its from ikea right? I have the same one, just tilted 90 degrees and my tv is on it, never though it could hold so much weight! Jb
  7. jbowser

    10 gallon all in one, brainstorming

    I wouldn't use the AC70! many of them tend to be rather noisy!!! sometimes its an easy fix, but in my case it wasn't... If you will make such a big " sump" , why not make a small portion for a fuge? this will also mean that you can place the tank closer to the wall and less things sticking out I'm following arthur currently who is setting up a 15g, with simplicity in mind and I'm really digging his approach, maybe you should check it out too. Whichever way you go, keep us updated Jb
  8. jbowser

    10 gallon all in one, brainstorming

    If I would do the same, I would probably do 1/3 fuge/sump and the rest DT or half DT and make an extra divider behind the fuge/sump for top off water. Or just buy a 5,5g and replicate that ecoreef one! that looks realy cool and simple Jb
  9. jbowser

    Sunken bomber

    This is a pretty cool idea! I have a super shallow square tank (12x12x4,5") and no idea what to do with it... If I only could find a small enough model... most are 1/48 and thats way to big... Jb
  10. jbowser

    One Gallon All In One Reef

    What are the dims of this tank? Its looking really nice! Jb
  11. jbowser

    My 2.5-Gallon Soon to be Dwarf Seahorse Tank!

    This is pretty cool! A fts and fes maybe? And as far as I know you will need to build a kreisel tank for the baby ponies! Look it up, there is a thread about breeding sexy shrimp in the invertebrate section where a really nice design of a kreisel could be found I wonder if I could get zosterea in Holland... Jb
  12. jbowser

    Moonlight pool

    Yeah your mod is quit ingenious! I've got something pretty nice in my mind, I just hope I will have enough time for it though... I really don't understand why these HOB filters sometimes rattle and a day later they don't... The flow 60 is rather quite again... But a bigger disappointment is that I probably shouldn't use the rocks I have... After a day in heated and circulated water, the water turned slightly white, so my rocks are leaching something in the water... I'm really bummed about that cause my latest scape was really nice... I'm gonna order some LR tomorrow and hope they will have it soon! Jb
  13. jbowser

    Cheese-Lover's discontinued 8.8l pico.

    Those fishies look awesome! Which canister filter are you running? and why are you still using the AC70? Extra room for filtration or fuge? I would go for a sun coral! they look ugly when closed up, but amazing when they want to be fed! My 2ct Jb
  14. jbowser

    2.5 Gallon Maxi Mini Bonsai Reef Garden

    Really cool idea! Can't wait to see how this will work out! Jb
  15. jbowser

    Wiring help for Pico Reef

    I thought you were talking about a strange controller of some sort I'm having a hard time finding 12 heating solutions, that are reef safe and readily available in Holland... jb