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  1. dvl445

    Forest Fire digitata

    I got this coral for $20 when it was super bleached and it colored up so well. That little lobo I also bought damaged for super cheap. I love the orange in it. It is recovering pretty well too
  2. dvl445


    My duncan is finally popping out a ton of heads
  3. dvl445


    I really like this shroom i wanna think its a jawbreaker but I don't think it is
  4. dvl445

    Blue time

  5. dvl445

    Leather garden!

    I crammed all my leathers into one tiny area but they seem to be dealing with it well
  6. dvl445

    A few finicky LPS

    Are you running carbon? It looks like you have a fair amount of soft corals; there could be some chemical warfare that is knocking out your LPS. I had a big soft coral dominate reef once, and I could get nothing with a skeleton to grow and I am kicking myself for not using carbon at the time. Hope things improve!!