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  1. skimmer recommendations

    I use the AquaC Remora and the thing is great. It is a little loud (sounds like a hose spraying into a bucket) but you can put a piece of foam on it above the spray bar to stop that. I have only used this and air stone skimmers. I was about to purchase the Reef Octopus but got this one for a steal.
  2. 10 watts LEDs

    There is a big thread on another forum that talks about these multi chips. They are using 100w, 50w, 20w and the 10w chips. They seem to be picking up steam with people trying them out more and more. Im not sure if I can post this link or not so I will check out the forum rules and get back to you. Here is that link
  3. My daughter checking out the tank

    Woah just saw this on somethingfishy's fb page. Small world!!!
  4. 14G Biocube at 6.5 months

    Frag me some kenya