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  1. 20g FOWLR

    How so?
  2. 20g FOWLR

    That's because it was set up yesterday, and, being an old tank, it's bound to have dirt in it. I siphoned out the majority of it today, tho, and some hermits are keeping it clean. So the trigger is out...what else would you suggest to go with the dwarf fuzzy? *edit* Any idea how I could set up my 10g tank below it as a refugium/sump?
  3. 20g FOWLR

    Hey all, new to the site, figured I'd drop by and show a few pics. My gf moved in with me, so I set her up a 20 high fish-only tank. I picked it up for free from a friend, with a Aquaclear 200 filter and a Remora skimmer (free!), live rock, heater, glass top, etc. Just no stand...so, I took down my 10g reef, moved everything into my 30cube, and put the 20h in its place. She's looking to keep one or two personable little fish in there...no inverts, tho. Not just yet, at least. He had turned the tank off for a couple months, effectively...so the live rock doesn't have as much coraline as it used to, but I think I can get it up and running quite well again. All I need now is a couple of hermits to keep the bottom clean. She was thinking a small trigger or something like that, but we're open to suggestions. She reallys likes Niger triggers, so I suggested something like a small Niger, and a dwarf fuzzy lion, at least for now. Here are some pics: Any suggestions?
  4. New 10g

    Okay, here's an update on the 10g. I added some new stuff, and whatnot. Here are some pics with captions. One pic I couldn't get was that of the pistol shrimp I put in there. He kinda has the butt of a cleaner shrimp, except orange and white, and the rest of his body is orange. He's about an inch long, and he's fairly neat. I call it a tongue leather, but it's just a toadstool. It looks like the rock is sticking it's tongue out at you. You can also see a pair of green buttons on the rock, too. My little hammer. It's enjoying it's spot on the sand. Full tank shot. My little button coral. It seems to be happy in that spot, and the crabs leave it alone. The bubble. This thing is loving the position it's on in the tank. It's just so big and bushy and happy. That's it for now. Comments?
  5. New 10g

    Good ol' CSL...I was thinking it would be a good little hood for an HQI retrofit, right in the middle where the third bulb used to be. Any suggestions on what brand, how to do it, etc?
  6. New 10g

    *feels loved* The hood...I have absolutely no idea, insofar as to say that it's old. It holds three 28w PC bulbs, two on one ballast, the third on another (for dusk/morning light, I imagine). but the middle bulb doesn't work for some reason, so I'm running at only 2/3 the available light. If I didn't have the Aquaclear on there, it would fit the top of the tank like a glove. The temp. never gets up above 80 degrees, either, which is nice. Specs? There isn't much for specs right now, but here goes... 10g AGA tank Approx. 10# LS Approx. 10# LR 56w of PC lighting, 1 10K, 1 Actinic 03 200w Visitherm heater Aquaclear 200 with Marc Weiss Silicate+Phosphate Absorber Rio 90 powerhead with duckbill attachment Various snails and hermits Two small patches of green star polyp One large clump of Halimeda One small, red unidentified anemone (I think it's a rock flower, but I'm not entirely sure) One lonely feather duster That's about it for now. I'll update as I get more things in it. It's not done for rock, either; I'll be adding more as I get it. I already have a decent population of copepods in the tank, and I'm getting through my bout of brown algae, so it should be rockin' pretty soon. Thanks for the comments!
  7. New 10g

    Any criticisms?
  8. New 10g

    Here's my new 10g AGA. It's in my nephew's bedroom, so exuse the spongebob stickers...specs after the pics. Specs: 10g AGA tank Small Whisper HOB filter (I already had it, so I used it) Approx. 10# LS, 10# LR 28w 10K PC, 28w Actinic 03 PC Various critters so far, etc., etc... Anyway, that's it so far. I'll update as things change.
  9. 30gal Tall

    Beautiful tank, Mar. I really like that shot of the feather duster on page 2. Excellent job, and keep up the good work
  10. Equipment I plan to buy

    1) Good choice 2) Again, good choice, but you may consider going to MH down the road, once you've gotten your feet wet, so to speak. 3) I've always used Visi-Therms, but Ebo's a good as well, from what I hear 4) You may not even need a protein skimmer, especially if you're not going to keep fish in there. I'd ditch the idea completely, until you find that you're going to need it in the future. 5) Really, ANY test kit is better than none. I've had no exp. with this particular kit, so ask around to see if it's any good. 6) That may be a little much...anyone else have any thoughts on this? 7) Don't even bother with IO. It's a fairly low quality salt, as far as salts go. You're better off going with a higher quality salt, like BIO-SEA, Coral Marine, or Oceanic. 8 ) Make it one of the larger Aquaclear filters. Take the filter media out of it, and install a baffle to help reduce the flow slightly, and turn it into a little refugium. Here's a search on Aquaclear refugiums; it should help get you started. You're off to a good start so far! Glad to see someone getting into the hobby who has a general idea of what they need, rather than someone who just grabs whatever their LFS tells them to off the shelf. Hope this helped!
  11. So annoying!

    1) Get a Visi-Therm Stealth...they've always worked well for me. 2) Set the timer for your fan for it to come on when your lights do...if anything, the lights will be what causes your temperature to rise. Hope that helps.
  12. weird tube things

    Sounds like small feather dusters, although without a pic I couldn't give you a 100% on that. Think you can get us a pic or two of them?
  13. What is this ??

    It's blurry, that's what it is http://www.reefcorner.com/SpecimenSheets/stomatella_varia.htm Similar?
  14. Red Sea Candy AquaVase Combo

    Especially in so small a tank.
  15. Alcohol vs. No3 + Po4 ?!

    I think you meant to post this link, Cellenzweig. http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/showthread...highlight=Vodka Am I correct?