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  1. WTB: Fluval Edge Top Glass

    Getting clean silicone seals for the top pane of glass will be difficult. When I removed the top from my Fluval Edge I found that the easiest way to do it was to just bust the glass and then separate it from the rest of the aquarium piece by piece. Really wish I hadn't of sold it as I now really want an aquarium with the exact dimensions of the 5g. Hopefully someone has what you're looking for though.
  2. 20L SPS T5HO 96W

    Would a 96W fixture allow me to keep SPS corals in a 20 long aquarium? Will be getting an AI Vega, Sol or Hydra at some point but I want to start growing as soon as I can.
  3. Tampa Bay Saltwater - Anemone?

    Then should I just leave it be just to keep the natural look or will it mess with corals?
  4. Tampa Bay Saltwater - Anemone?

    I want to know what it is before I kill it I looked on google images and found something close and it says aiptasia but it doesn't look like any aiptasia I've ever seen. It is kind of cool looking. Aiptasia that I'm used to seeing at the LFS is stringy and nasty looking. The base was a clerish white. Now I'm finding a few pictures that look similar when I search for rock anemones.
  5. I bought some live rock from Tampa Bay Saltwater and I found this. What exactly is it and should I remove it or let it go about its business? When I placed the rock into the tank it had a large base that looked like an anemone. I assume it will relocate eventually if it is an anemone.
  6. Schooling Fish for 20L

    Looks like I have a lot of research to do. Thank you for all of the suggestions!
  7. Schooling Fish for 20L

    I have a 20 long aquarium that I have setup as a frag tank. It has no sand and I have more than enough filtration. It has a WP25 so the flow is strong. I have egg crate placed at different heights for optimal lighting on whatever corals I get. I would like to add a fish that schools together just to give me something to watch. I was thinking about some Blue Green Chromis but I read that they are best in schools of 5-6 and shouldn't be kept in tanks smaller than 30 gallons. I would like to avoid clowns if possible as I don't want to risk them hosting and harassing a coral as this is going to be a grow tank until my custom tank has been built.
  8. Innovative Marine 8 Watt 14000K LED

    Except that it isn't a car and $55.00 shipped for a $100.00 light is already a good deal. Unfortunately I don't think it would do well on a Fluval Edge. You would need to hook to your filter with the lid removed unless you rigged it another way.
  9. Nano Box Reef: Mini Tide (LED Fixture)

    You have any way to get par readings?
  10. Nano Box Reef: Mini Tide (LED Fixture)

    I can't find the mini tide fixture on their website. Do you have an exact URL to the item? I have a 4G CADlights I would like to have the lights upgraded on.
  11. CADLights 4G Pico

    I think I am going to go with a PAR30 bulb as the PAR38 would be more than enough for what I plan to keep. I don't want to risk putting corals into the aquarium and then risk not having a back-up light to make sure they survive. Whenever I check your website it says that the only store within 500 miles of me is a store right down the street. I ended up giving them a call and they said that they don't even sell products from you so it was really confusing. I was hoping to look at some skimmers or aquariums but they don't have anything from CADlights.
  12. CADLights 4G Pico

    The reviews I read on the 4G said that it could keep zoos/mushrooms up to LPS. Do you have the 4G?
  13. CADLights 4G Pico

    I was looking into the JBJ Cubey when I came across your 4G Pico aquarium. I really like that the filtration compartment can be completely removed for easy cleaning and setup. It also comes with starphire glass and LEDs that blow JBJ out of the water. I do have two questions before purchasing. 1. Are the LEDs controllable? I am going to be using it at work and based on the videos I have seen the lights are very bright. I want a beautiful tank with great lighting but not at the expense of disturbing others. 2. Do you have any retailers closer to the Tampa, FL area? I don't mind having it shipped but from you it can be expensive. I have decided on this tank as a W2 gift to myself. I really want to get this ordered and ready for work.
  14. BioCube 29 Stand Mods.....

    You have inspired me! I am making 5 inch legs for my stand. I haven't setup the aquarium yet. I did find the legs that you used but they are expensive and scare me so I decided to make really thick 5 inch legs since the stand is super low as it is and I want to make sure it doesn't collapse under the pressure.