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  1. Phishin's 14G biocube (first tank)

    Looks great!
  2. Pescar's 14GBC progress thread!

    Thanks for the links. That helps alot. Do you have a Koralia circluation pump? I see they have a 240 and a 425.
  3. Pescar's 14GBC progress thread!

    Ha well thank you . I do miss it, a lot lol. But I can always build it again. My career goal is the airlines, and getting ratings isnt cheap. The car got parted out for my private pilots license, just have a few more ratings to go. It would be just like me to derail my on thread! Anyway I am probably going to order my Maxi Jet today. Trying to find the best deal. How has your 606 been working?
  4. Amateur Reef Memes

    I love these threads!
  5. Pescar's 14GBC progress thread!

    Yeah I'll get a pic up for ya... That's me at Texas supra nationals in 2011.
  6. Pescar's 14GBC progress thread!

    Lexus! Though I would like an EVO IX SE as a daily. One day! Let me know how you like the flow of the 606. I read around and saw 606/900/1200 etc. Ill do some more digging. Ha the entire time I went I only attended one football game against Miami (oxford). I am not a big sports follower but I enjoy them. I will for sure post progress. Ill be moving in three weeks so thats when the tank will be set up. But in the mean time Ill be adding accessories! Ok Ill definately try the 900. Im going to wait and see what detroitmetal has to say about the 606. Ill probably end up going with the 900. I am looking into getting one of those "inTank" media towers for chamber 2. Ill probably pastic weld a few vents on my bottom intake too to get better "skimming" out of the top one.
  7. My New Leopard Wrasse

    WANT... Way cool fish.
  8. Hello nano-reefers! I had made an account a few months ago after reading thread after thread about everyones nano cubes. I had initially planned to purchase a cube when I first joined but was busy with school. I have since graduated (last week ) and found a 14GBC on CL for cheap and decided to get myself a graduation gift! Well here it is in all its glory. The original owner had it running for 6 months, fish got too big and he upgraded to a 30 gallon. I apologize in advance for the pictures. They are from my phone till I get the GF (photography major) to start taking my pics! How on earth do yo fit your hands down in here!? "Stock" pump and stuff. Lol everytime I see the word "stock" I think of cars. The mechanic in me 1. Now after reading a few theads I have seen many people upgrade the stock pump to a Maxi Jet pump of some kind (1200?) , add a Koralia (sp?) for water movement. 2. Now because mine is only a 14G and the threads I have looked on are 29, should I get a smaller pump than the 1200 but still better than the stock? 3. As far as lighting goes, I am not sure Ill get that much into coral. I know I eventually will though. I dont know $#!t about lighting and/or wiring in LEDs. Should I hold off for now and keep stock lighting? 4. What should I use to clean this bad boy? I know bleach is a no-no. Ill keep searching around for how to turn the back into a refugium. Just not sure how with the limited space Finally, I am here to learn. So dont feel like your hurting my feelings with a post to correct me on anything I come from FW and realize things are different in the SW world, especially with the small size that is nano. Thanks! -Z-
  9. BioCube 14 Gallon

    Where did you buy your return pump? I am seeing good prices on amazon.
  10. Thanks for everyone's comments. They are very helpful.
  11. @ Cyclonic- Ill probably be mixing my own. But my LFS does offer RO water where I can just bring in a big jug of my preference and they fill it. @ Metrokat- thanks for the suggested sites. Ill check out reefcleaners too!
  12. Completely the point of my post Id rather get the right stuff first, than trial through the wrong stuff and lose fish/coral.
  13. @ Sammer- Ok Ill look into a refractometer . @ SouthFlorida - I am going to get my CUC from the LFS. The prices and the link are just there for people who do not have access to a LFS. My LFS runs specials on crabs and snails weekly so I will no doubt be able to stay under a very resonable price. As far as items go, thanks for the links. I would rather spend money on tried and true items from members on here than ones I have no idea about. Ill check into those.
  14. Ok cool Ill add it to the file